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Section 6:

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PO-1. Newville, PA, 1889 (Mar 4), G CDS/cork (town mostly not struck, but date complete; bit tone; nick B) Benj.Harrison INAUGURATION DATE on cvr. E $30
PO-2. Saint Louis, MO, 1893 (Mar 4), G+ duplex (state mostly not struck) Missouri Car & Foundry Co.cc; Grover Cleveland 2nd INAUGURATION date on PSE to Postmaster, City. E $30
PO-3. New York/Sta.D, NY, 1901 (Mar 4), G Int'l (dial part obscured on ad, but date is SURE; trim R; lite tone) McKINLEY 2nd INAUGURATION date; "Cook's Place" illus.ad (hotel & owner's portrait) on cvr w/enc. E $30
PO-4. Caledonia & Springval/RPO, 1901 (Mar 4), G+ 744-D-1 ("RPO" not struck; dial bit hi; part toned; small punch B edge) McKINLEY 2nd INAUGURATION date on cvr. E $30 MIN.15
PO-5. Milford, KS, 1909 (Mar 4), G+ Doane 2/4 ("RD" on stamp) Taft Inauguration date on PSE. E $20
PO-6. Crafton, TX, 1909 (Mar 4), VG+ Doane 2/3 (lite tone) Taft INAUGURATION date on PPC. E $20 MIN.10
PO-7. Hyde Park, NY, 1933 (Mar 4), VG duplex; FDR 1st INAUGURATION date; portrait cachet on cvr canxed at birthplace/home town. E $24 MIN.12
PO-8. Lot 2) Washington, DC, 1957 (Jan 21), F Univ.w/"Inauguration Day" slogan; Ike's 2nd Inauguration date; Artcraft cachets on cvrs: 1 w/3c White House; 1 w/3c Capitol. E $15 MIN.8
PO-9. LaPlata, Argentina, 1983, partial meter; 7 STRIKES of "Las Malvinas Son Argentinas" boxed h/s ("The Falklands Are Argentine") on air cvr to England, 1 year after Falklands War. E $24
PO-10. Correio Aereo, Brazil, 1943, G+ DCDS (crs) Embassy of the U.S.printed cc w/"Bahia, Brazil" typed below on #10 reg'd air cvr to U.S. E $14
PO-11. San Francisco, CA, 1961, G+ Int'l (crs) Consulado Gen'l de El Salvador cc on #10 air cvr to Germany. E $12 MIN.6
PO-12. Denver, CO, 1936 (Aug 20), VF Univ.; Colorado Republican State Central Committee, Brown Palace Hotel cc; "Langdon/Know" & illus.GOP elephant in 52mm sunflower; 4c Mesa Verde on #10 cvr w/"Off the Rocks With Landon & Knox" on flap. E $20
PO-13. Washington/Free, DC, [1866], G DCDS (dial bit hi) "Rich'd Yates/U.S.S." ms frank (1-term Illinois Senator) on cvr w/"U.S.Senate Chamber" illus.letterhead enc. (fine engraved Capitol. E $40
PO-14. Washington, DC, 1886, G+ duplex (no flap; bit lite tone) "U.S.Senate/Post Office" VG magenta double-oval h/s as "origin" at L on cvr. E $20 MIN.10
PO-15. Washington, DC, 1907, F Int'l; Gov't Printing Office cc on #10 official cvr; brown penalty clause w/illus.printing press; matching illus.letterhead enc. E $20
PO-16. Washington, DC, 1912, F Int'l; Gov't Printing Office cc on #10 official cvr; black penalty clause w/illus.printing press; matching illus.letterhead enc. E $20
PO-17. Washington, DC, 1932, VG Int'l; Nat'l HQ, United Spanish War Veterans cc on 1.5c #10 PSE. E $12 MIN.6
PO-18. Washington, DC, 1934, G+ Int'l (part lite water tone; lite gum tone) "Legacion Del Ecuador" engraved cc; "Diplomatic Mail/Free" h/s frank on cvr to W.G.Skelly, Int'l Petroleum Expo, Tulsa, OK. E $15
PO-19. Washington, DC, 1946, F Int'l; Mexican Embassy cc; "Diplomatic Mail/Free" printed frank on #10 cvr. E $12 MIN.6
PO-20. Washington, DC, 1946, G+ Int'l; Peruvian Embassy/Naval Commission cc; "Diplomatic Mail/Free" h/s frank on #10 cvr. E $12 MIN.6
PO-21. Washington, DC, 1946, G Int'l (bit lite tone) Nat'l Woman's Party cc; 3c Susan B.Anthony on #10 cvr to Miss Mabel Pollitzer (SC state chairman); 5 related documents, inc.one headed "Senate Gets Equal Rights Amendment". E $30 MIN.15
PO-22. Washington, DC, 1947, VG Int'l (bit lite tone) "White House/Official Business" engraved cc on penalty cvr w/engraved letterhead enc., declining request for Pres.Truman's autograph; signed by M.T.Connelly, Sec'y. E $16
PO-23. Washington, DC, 1947, VF Int'l (lite tone) Embajada de Bolivia cc; "Diplomatic Mail/Postal Franchise" h/s frank on #10 cvr. E $12 MIN.6
PO-24. Washington, DC, 1948, G+ Int'l; "White House/Official Business" engraved cc on penalty cvr w/engraved letterhead enc., declining request for Pres.Truman's autograph; signed by M.T.Connelly, Sec'y. E $15
PO-25. Washington, DC, 1953, F Int'l (crs) "Diplomatic Mail/Free" h/s frank on cvr w/"Embajada del Paraguay/Washington, D.C." fancy pictorial double circle h/s on back. E $14
PO-26. Washington, DC, 1953, VG Int'l (bit lite tone) Embajada de Guatemala engraved cc; "Embassy of Guatemala/Diplomatic Mail/Free" h/s frank on cvr. E $14
PO-27. Washington, DC, 1960, G+ machine tying 15c+3c Paraguay stamps; USOM Inst.of Inter American Affairs, % U.S.Embassy, Asuncion, Paraguay h/s cc on #10 air cvr to U.S. E $15
PO-28. Washington, DC, 1963, F machine (trim R; cr) USAID/Liberia, c/o Amer.Embassy, Monrovia typed cc; ms "Pouch" at L on 25c Liberia #10 air PSE w/signed enc.to Detroit. E $20
PO-29. Washington (Mid City Sta.), DC, 1946, VG DCDS (bit trim T) as origin b/s; Peruvian Embassy/Naval Commission engraved cc; Diplomatic Mail/Free h/s frank on reg'd cvr. E $12 MIN.6
PO-30. Macon, GA, ca.1850, G red CDS w/"FREE" h/s (crs; trim R) on SFL (no contents) to Hon.R.S.Baldwin, U.S.Senator, Hartford, CT. E $15 MIN.8
PO-31. Macon, GA, 1899, G+ Amer/B14; U.S.Senate/Official/Free cc; "A.O.Bacon" ms signature frank on cvr w/letterhead enc., signed by him; Georgia Senator, 1894-1906. E $15
PO-32. Kankakee, IL, 1956, G+ Int'l; perforated voter's ID card intact at lower L; 3c Liberty coil applied on printed permit, to ensure quick delivery, on PC. E $15 MIN.8
PO-33. New York, NY, 1939, VF Int'l; Ambassade de France Aux Etats-Unis/Le Conseiller Commercial cc; 2c Prexie on #10 cvr. E $12 MIN.6
PO-34. New York, NY, 1948, VG meter; Brazilian Gov't Trade Bureau cc w/illus.seal on #10 cvr. E $16
PO-35. New York, NY, 1972, VG PB meter w/slogan: "ADL Protests Oppression of Soviet Jewry!"; M.B.Liautaud return add. on #10 air cvr to Canada. E $30
PO-36. Salisbury, NC, [1840], G+ CDS w/ms "12 1/2" rate (part heavy inked; lite tone) on SFL: printed invitation to "an Entertainment" by "the 'Friends of (Wm.Henry) Harrison & Reform..."; list of 39 committeemen. PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGN EVENT. E $80
PO-37. Cincinnati, OH, ca.1868, F CDS/target (trim L) "Vice Consulat/De France/A Cincinnati." h/s at L; pictorial double-circle h/s (crowned eagle) as b/s; 3c grill on cvr. E $30
PO-38. Lima, Peru, 1954, G DCDS (crs; trim L) Embassy of the U.S.typed cc; Embassy pictorial h/s; "Diplomatic Mail/Franco-Free" boxed h/s, but 1s stamp applied on #10 air cvr to U.S. E $15
PO-39. Caracas, Venezuela, 1939, VG machine (lite tone; edge tears) American Legation/Office of Commercial Attache cc; "Free Diplomatic Mail/Correspondencia Diplomatica/Libre de Porte" h/s frank on #10 cvr to U.S. E $14
PO-40. North Yakima, WA, 1911, F Time-Cmns; U.S.Senate/Committe on Industrial Expositions engraved cc; W.L.Jones, U.S.Senator printed ms free frank on cvr. E $15
PO-41. Puyallup, WA, 1944, VG Univ.; "Geo.W.Nelson, State Rep., Republican" campaign ad w/portrait on back of UX27 GPC. E $12 MIN.6
PO-42. Seattle, WA, 1976, G+ machine; Consulate of Switzerland, Seattle, cc on air cvr to Switzerland. E $14
PO-43. Spokane, WA, 1909, G+ Int'l; Wm.A.Huneke, Judge of the Superior Ct.illus.ad (courthouse) 2c Lincoln on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
PO-44. Spokane, WA, 1909, VG Int'l (bit lite tone) R.W.Butler, Auditor, illus.ad (courthouse) on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
PO-45. Tacoma, WA, 1909, G+ Int'l; W.O.Chapman, Judge of Superior Ct., Pierce Cty.Court House illus.ad on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
PO-46. APO 09265, 1899, VG 33c meter (bit trim T) Embassy of the USA/RSO/Police Liaison Office/Berlin printed cc; US Embassy IM Mailroom h/s on #10 cvr to Berlin. E $15
PO-47. Mamie Doud Eisenhower: autograph on 4x 8c booklet pane unadd.1st day cvr; ArtCraft cachet, 1972 (Jan 28), G+ machine. E $150 MIN.75
PO-48. "The Home vs. the Saloon!/The Issue Defined/3 Ways to Vote in Ohio": PROHIBITION PARTY 8x16.5" illus.flyer (eagle, flag), ca.1890s?, (some separation at folds). E $15
PO-49. Harry S.Truman: printed signature frank; w/name & "Independence, MO," engraved cc, ca.1960s, on cvr, addressed & apparently mailed but no canx. E $60
PO-50. USS Cachalot, 1938 (Jul 4), VG ty.3(AC-BTT) (lite tone) "Brooklyn/New York" in bars; "Signers of Declaration of Independence" cachet (56 portraits) on unadd.#10 cvr. E $15

RAILWAY POST OFFICES & RELATED (Towle #'s) Need the RPO Catalog? We have it!
RR-1. A.Lea & Burl, 1894, G+ 746-E-3 (dial bit hi; ruff R, in stamp) faulty 2c Colum. on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
RR-2. A.T. & S.F. RPO/Forwarded/General Office, Topeka, [1889], G+ magenta CDS (UNLISTED; B arc heavy inked; part o/s; upper R tip nib) apparently as origin at L; Topeka CDS/cork as canx on 2c Grant lettersheet. E $50
RR-3. Alamosa & Durango, 1934, F+ 955-F-3 (clear adhesive spots; add./message part smear) T116 on PPC. E $14
RR-4. Albany, Ga/Transf Clk, 1907, G+ 374-A-2 (lite tone) on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-5. Albuquerque & Ashfork, 1912, G+ 964-D-1 (lite tone) Tr10 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-6. Allen & Harris, 1921, G+ 183-E-11 Tr30 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-7. Allen & Harris/Agt, 1886, G+ 183-C-2 (bit ruff trim L; lite tone) on cvr w/enc. E $15
RR-8. Allen & Phila, 1912, G+ 185-D-1 w/blank Tr slug on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-9. Allentown & Phila, 1902, G+ 185-C-1 (ruff L; lite tone) Tr45 on PSE. E $15
RR-10. Allentown & Phila, 1905, VG 185-C-1 Tr45 on PPC. E $14
RR-11. Alliance & Denver, 1917, G+ 496-C-9 (crs; lite tone) T302 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-12. Alliance & Denver, 1910, G+ 946-C-9 T303 on PPC. E $14
RR-13. Alpena & Bay City, 1901, G+ 643-C-1 (edge tears) Tr10 on cvr. E $20
RR-14. Altamont & St.Joe, 1910, G+ NEW TYPE ("RPO" mostly not struck; dial bit hi) Tr73 on PPC. E $20
RR-15. Alton Bay & Dover, [1893], G+ 23-C-1 (lite tone) Tr54 on 2c Colum.PSE. E $20
RR-16. Alton Bay & Dover/Agt, [1887], G+ 23-B-1 (R end soiled) on GPC. E $24
RR-17. Antler & Rugby/RRO (ERROR), 1910, VG 876.1-A-4 (lite tone) Tr214 on PPC. NICE example of this. E $30
RR-18. Arlington & Kinzua, 1935, G+ 896.1-B-1 (bit ruff slit upper R tip) Tr127; Hollen & Sons, Condon, OR, cc on commer.PSE. E $24
RR-19. Ash & New Castle, 1908, G+ 551-G-1 (near F; bit o/s) on PPC. E $15
RR-20. Ashfork & Los Ang/W.D., 1927, G+ 964-P-6 Tr22 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-21. Ashfork & Phoenix, 1908, G+ 967-A-1 ("RPO" not struck) "NORTH" on PPC. E $15
RR-22. Ashfork & Phoenix, 1944, G+ 967-A-2 (near VG+) Tr42 on commer.PPC. E $14
RR-23. Ashuelot R.R., [1875], G+ 29-A-2 w/cork killer (lite strike; upper L edge tone) on cvr w/enc.datelined Keene, NH. E $40
RR-24. Asquam Lake, 1920, G+ C-18-a ("LAKE" spotty; lite tone) on PPC. E $15 MIN.8
RR-25. At. & Macon/Agt, 1870s, G+ 352-D-1 (lower R tip nick) on cvr. E $20
RR-26. At. & Macon/Agt, 1870s, F 352-D-1 (lower R tip nick) on cvr. E $20
RR-27. Atchison & Stockton, 1934, G+ 908-F-1 (upper R edge slit) T512 on commer.cvr. E $14
RR-28. Atl & Aug, 1870s, G+ 355-C-1 (bit trim T; bit nick T) on cvr. E $14
RR-29. Atlanta & Bruns, 1898, VG 361-B-1 (dial bit hi; bit stutter; lite tone) Tr16 on cvr. E $15
RR-30. Atlanta & Macon/Agt, 1880, G+ 352-C-1 (dial bit hi: tip of "A" off T) on GPC. E $20
RR-31. Atlanta & Macon/Agt, 1870s, G+ 352-C-2 (toned; trim R; edge tear L) Forsyth, GA, att'y cc on cvr. E $20
RR-32. Atlanta, Mac & Montg, 1901, F 360-Q-3 (trim L; lite tone) Tr10; Allen House, Americus, GA, fancy ad cc on cvr. E $15
RR-33. Aub & Sayer ("Sayre" MISSPELLED), 1947, G+ NEW TYPE; Tr282 on PSE w/enc.note from collector re.error in device & clerk's reply. E $16
RR-34. Auburn & Sayre, 1912, G+ 134-C-1 (near F) T282 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-35. Auburn & Sayre, 1913, F 134-C-1 (dial hi: "N &" partly off) T284 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-36. Auburn & Sayre, 1920, G+ 134-C-1 Tr284; 1c Wash.offset on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-37. Auburn & Sayre, 1944, G+ 134-C-2 Tr283 on commer.cvr. E $12 MIN.6
RR-38. Aug & Macon/Agt, [1877], G+ 353-B-1 (lite tone) on GPC. E $20
RR-39. B. & P./R.R. (Bangor & Piscataquis), [1871], G+ 2-A-1 (upper L edge ruff; tears T & R; no flap) on cvr w/enc.datelined "Dover". E $40 MIN.20
RR-40. B.City & Jack, 1909, VG 617-J-2 Tr74 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-41. B.Plaine & Much, 1894, G+ 790.2-C-1 (upper L arc spotty) "NORTH" on 2c Colum.PSE. E $30 MIN.15
RR-42. Bad Axe & Saginaw, 1915, VF 639-E-1 (lite tone) Tr44 on PPC. E $15
RR-43. Rec'd Balt Md Via Elmira & Balt, 1904, G+ DCDS (UNLISTED type; bit ruff slit T) Tr18; as recd b/s on cvr w/enc. E $15 MIN.8
RR-44. Balt & Bris E.Div, 1887, G+ 275-D-1 (part lite tone; trim R) S.F.Spilman Dry Goods, Luray, VA, ad cc on cvr. E $14
RR-45. Balt & Bris W.Div, 1888, G+ 275-O-1 (ruff R) Hattie House, Abingdon, VA, cc on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
RR-46. Balt & Cumberland, 1939, VF 275-F-1 (toned) Tr5 on mailed 3x5" card. E $12 MIN.6
RR-47. Balt & Durbin, 1913, G+ 275-H-1 Tr4; CATALOG COPY on PPC. E $30
RR-48. Balt & Elkins, 1908, G+ 275-I-2 (part on stamp) Tr2 on PPC. E $14
RR-49. Balt & Elkins, 1911, F+ 275-I-2 Tr2 on PPC. E $15
RR-50. Balt & Hag, 1954, G+ 275-J-1 Tr3 on GPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-51. Balt & Hag, 1954, VG 275-J-1 Tr3 on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
RR-52. Balt & Highfield, 1904, G+ 236-C-1 Tr19 on GPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-53. Balt & Highfield, 1906, VG 236-C-1 Tr45 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-54. Balt & Highfield, 1909, G+ 236-C-1 (toned; lower L tip nib) Tr43 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-55. Balt & Highfield, 1921, G+ 236-C-3 Tr46 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-56. Balt & Highfield, 1929, G+ 236-C-5 Tr44 on reg.disp.rect.card. E $12 MIN.6
RR-57. Balt & Pittsburgh, 1898, G+ NEW TYPE (near VG+) Tr6; 2c Trans-Miss on cvr. E $14
RR-58. Balt & Roanoke, 1893, F 275-K-1 (ruff L; toned; part siled) Tr4 on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
RR-59. Balt & Wmsport, 1886, G+ 275-B-2 on GPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-60. Balt & Wmsport, 1888, G+ 275-B-2; Padgett & Cook Fish, Baltimore, price list on GPC. E $14
RR-61. Balt, Hag & Pitts, 1916, G+ 275-L-1 (heavy diag.cr; tip crs) Tr6 on PPC. E $15
RR-62. Rec'd Balto Md Via Elmira & Balto, 1902, G+ 193-RA-1 (part spotty) Tr18; as recd b/s on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
RR-63. Rec'd Balto Md Via Elmira & Balto, 1906, G+ 193-RA-1 Tr4; as recd on GPC. E $14
RR-64. Balto & PItts, 1902, G+ 274-N-1 (near F; part ruff trim L) Tr5 on PSE. E $12 MIN.6
RR-65. Balto & Wms.Port/Agt, [1881], G+ 275-P-1; CATALOG COPY on GPC. E $90
RR-66. Barnes & W.Milton, 1915, VG 192-E-2 (slight stutter) Tr24 on PPC. E $15
RR-67. Barstow & Bakersf, 1917, G+ 993.3-E-1 Tr9 on PPC. E $20
RR-68. Bay City & Det/Agt, [1881], VG+ 628-A-1 (crs) on GPC. E $20
RR-69. Bay City, Ply & Det, 1905, G+ 618-Z-1 (lite tone) Tr2 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-70. Beards & Shaw/Agt, 1870s, G+ 718-C-1 (trim R) on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
RR-71. Beaver Lake & Strouds, 1906, G+ 247-A-1 (crnr crs) 2 strikes on PPC. E $24
RR-72. Belleville & J.City, 1913, F 915-D-2 T128 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-73. Belv & Phila, 1891, G+ 242-D-1 (month not struck) on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
RR-74. Belv & Phila, 1895, G+ 242-D-2 on PSE. E $12 MIN.6
RR-75. Belv & Phila/Agt, 1870s, VG+ 242-B-2 (part lite tone; upper R tip nick) on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
RR-76. Belvidere Delae R.R./N.J., 1850s, G+ 242-A-1 on Sc.U9 PSE. Hole torn in front panel at upper L, apparently removing Blood's local Sc.15LU7a & revealing albino embossed impression of that stamp. E $350
RR-77. Bement & Alta, 1910, G+ 728-A-1 (part on stamp) "SOUTH" on PPC. E $40
RR-78. Benson & Nogales, 1894, G+ 965.1-A-2 (L arc lite; trim L, in cc; edge tear T) Etz & Co.(Beef, Mut)ton, Pork cc; 2c Colum on cvr w/letterhead enc. E $20
RR-79. Beth & Phila, 1886, VG 182-E-2 (tiny tear L) on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
RR-80. Beth & Phila, 1953, VF 182-E-3 (bit cr) Tr358; Call-Chronicle Newspapers, Inc., Allentown, PA, cc on #10 cvr to "R.R.Sta.Beth.Via Tr.358/Via Morning Call Truck Run". E $16
RR-81. Beth & Phila, 1906, VG NEW TYPE (lite tone) T318 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-82. Beth & Phila/Agt, 1880s, G+ 182-D-1 (part ruff trim L; part liquid toned; R tip nib; tiny tears T) Philadelphia & Reading RR cc on cvr. E $14
RR-83. Bethlehem & Phila, 1906, G+ NEW TYPE (L arc partial but ID sure; lite tone; ruff L; edge tears T) Tr301 on PSE. E $12 MIN.6
RR-84. Billings & Denver/S.D., 1920, G+ 951-C-1 Tr29 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-85. Billings & Virden, 1913, VG 891.5-D-1 (dial hi: "GS &" partly off; tip crs) Tr44 on GPC. E $15 MIN.8
RR-86. Bing & N.Y., 1886, G+ 170-O-3; CATALOG COPY (catalog year in error) on GPC. E $20
RR-87. Bir, Attalla & Calera, 1913, G+ 410-F-2 Tr85; Gantts Quarry (AL) Baptist Church cc on cvr. E $20
RR-88. Bos, Cor & Pough, 1908, G+ 110-D-2 (R arc on stamp; lite tone) on PPC. E $15 MIN.8
RR-89. Bos, Prov & N.Y./T.B.E., 1882, G+ 70-N-2 (upper L arc spotty; bit trim R) on cvr. E $14
RR-90. Bound Brook & Phila, 1915, VG 255-B-3 T559; CATALOG COPY on GPC. E $15
RR-91. Bound Brook & Phila, 1910, G+ NEW TYPE (part on stamp) T565 on PPC. E $14
RR-92. Bridgeport & Guernsey, 1910, VF 946-F-1 (lite tone) on PPC. E $24 MIN.12
RR-93. Buff & Cin, 1903, G+ 555-E-1 (lite tone) Tr25 on PSE. E $12 MIN.6
RR-94. Buff & Cin, 1905, G+ 555-E-2 (dial bit hi: tip of "F" off) Tr1 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-95. Buff & Tol, 1870s, G+ black 115-T-1 (trim R; bit lite tone) Tr3? on PSE. E $14
RR-96. Buff & Tol, [1878], G+ blue 115-T-1 (bit ruff L) Tr6 on cvr. E $14
RR-97. Buffalo & Brad, 1907, G+ 144-C-1 (dial bit hi: tip of "L" off; crnr cr) Tr3 on PPC. E $14
RR-98. Buffalo & Brad, 1908, G+ 144-C-1 (lite tone) Tr6 on PPC. E $15
RR-99. Buffalo & Erie/R.R., 1850s, G+ 115-D-2 (upper L crnr slight water tone) 3c imperf on cvr. E $200
RR-100. Buffalo & Galeton, 1914, G+ 153-F-1 (part on stamp; toned) Tr1 on PPC. E $24
RR-101. Buffalo & Galeton, 1908, G+ 153-F-2 (lite tone) T342 on PPC. E $15
RR-102. Buffalo & Harrisburg, 1911, G+ 146-F-1 (lite tone) Tr56 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-103. Butler & Freeport, 1907, G+ 221-B-1 (lite tone) on PPC. E $16
RR-104. C.A. & C.Ry.Co./Westerville, O. (Cleveland, Akron & Cincinnati), 1908, G+ blue station agent's DCDS (UNLISTED; tip cr) as recd, at L on PPC. E $30 MIN.15
RR-105. C.Spgs & Glen Spgs, 1910, G+ 956-C-2 Tr4 on PPC. E $20 MIN.10
RR-106. Cab & Ameagle, 1945, G+ 287-B-1 T114 on commer.cvr. E $15
RR-107. Calexico & Colton, 1919, G+ 994.1-B-1 ("RPO" not struck; TONED; crs) redundant Tr37 & Tr36 slugs, 1 replacing month on cvr. E $15
RR-108. Calistoga & S.F., 1937, G+ 983-D-1 ("RPO" partial) Tr11 on GPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-109. Callistoga & Vall Junc (MISSPELLING), 1889, G+ 983-N-1 (lower L partial but error shows well; dial hi: "GA & V" mostly off T; trim R) on cvr. E $16
RR-110. Camack & Macon ("CAMAK" MISSPELLED), 1892, G+ 363-C-1 (date lite; sealed spindle) on GPC. E $15
RR-111. Can.N.Y. & Ceres N.Y., 1909, G+ 156-A-1 Tr3 on PPC. E $24
RR-112. Canadaigua & Wms'port (MISSPELLED), 1911, G+ 193-U-1 Tr3 on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
RR-113. Canadaigua & Wms'port (MISSPELLED), 1911, F 193-U-1 Tr3 on reg.pack.rect.card. E $12 MIN.6
RR-114. Canandaigua & W'msport, 1900, G+ 193-I-1 (bit stutter; lite tone) on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
RR-115. Canandaigua & W'msport, 1910, G+ 193-I-4 Tr12 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-116. Canast & Sayre, 1939, G+ 133-E-1 (ruff L) w/smaller T324 slug on commer.PSE. E $14
RR-117. Canast & Sayre, 1939, G+ 133-E-1 (part ruff L) w/larger T324 slug on commer.cvr. E $14
RR-118. Carb & Wilkes, 1940, F 177-G-1 Tr505 on commer.cvr. E $15 MIN.8
RR-119. Carb & Wilkes, 1941, F 177-G-2 Tr501; CATALOG COPY on mailed 3x5" card. E $12 MIN.6
RR-120. Carbon & W.Barre, 1921, G+ 177-N-1 Tr501; CATALOG COPY on commer.cvr. E $16
RR-121. Carbondale & Brim, 1913, G+ 514-F-2 Tr10; Illinois Central RR Co./Yazoo & Mississippi Valley RR Co.cc on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
RR-122. Carlisle & Gettys, [1891], G+ 210-A-1 (upper R crnr ruff, well in stamp; upper L tip nick) on cvr w/enc. E $14
RR-123. Carlisle & Gettys, [1897], G+ 210-A-2 (dial bit hi; trim L about 1.75") on cvr. E $15
RR-124. Carlisle & Gettys, 1897, G+ 210-A-3 (trim L about 1.5") on cvr. E $14
RR-125. Carlisle & Gettys, 1905, G+ 210-A-3 (trim L) on cvr. E $15
RR-126. Carters & Stockton, 1900, G+ 989-A-1 (bit o/s) as fwd w/"MISSENT" h/s on GPC. E $24
RR-127. Catawissa R.R.Co./Barnesville, 1865, G+ CDS (UNLISTED; T arc partial; address partly into dial; trim R) on cvr w/enc.: "Whitfield is the Principal in the Seminary at Catawissa... George is Fireman on the passenger train from Mauch Chunk to Easton..." E $90
RR-128. Catawissa R.R.Co./Rupert, 1865, G+ 192-S-1 ("R" not struck; L rim partly off; part lite tone; bit ruff trim R) on cvr. E $70
RR-129. Center & Beaumont, 1910, G+ 491-H-1 (near F+) Tr201 on PPC. E $30 MIN.15
RR-130. Chadron & Casper, 1906, G+ NEW TYPE (crs) "EAST" on GPC. E $15
RR-131. Chamb & Rich Furn, 1912, G+ 209-H-1 (near F; lite tone) Tr64 on PPC. E $16
RR-132. Char, Bethany & St.J, 1917, G+ 776-G-1 (nick R; tears T & L; lite tone) as fwd w/blue pencil ms "Missent" on special del.cvr. E $15
RR-133. Cheh & South Bend, 1906, G+ 903.3-D-1 ("RPO" not struck) "EAST"; The Albee, South Bend, WA, logo cc on cvr. E $20
RR-134. Chehalis & South Bend, 1895, G+ 903.3-E-1 (near VG+; dial bit hi) "EAST" on cvr. E $20
RR-135. Chi To Green Bay, ca.1868, G+ 839-C-1; 3c grill on 2.25x5.25" cvr. E $24 MIN.12
RR-136. Chi & Sparta/Night, [1877], VG 837-F-1 on cvr w/enc.datelined Sparta. E $15
RR-137. Chi & Streat/Agt, 1880s, G+ 700-B-1 on GPC. E $24
RR-138. Mail Delayed/Chi.City Det & Chi/F.Mail/Train Late, [1894], G+ 610-DF-1 (B arc partial; "IN" not struck) as recd b/s on PSE. E $14
RR-139. Chi.W.Lib & Om/L.J.Kleckner, 1932, F+ magenta clerk's oval h/s (edge tears T) as transit b/s on special del.cvr. E $14
RR-140. Chicago Railroad Fair, 1948, F 745-D-3 (toned) "Robt.E.Hannegan/U.S.Mail Car" large boxed magenta h/s at L on Burlington Rte.PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-141. Chicago & Savannah, 1919, G+ 730-P-2 (L edge nick) Tr54 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-142. Clarks, Leland & Jack/HPO, 1960, VF 4-bar; Tr4 on commer.cvr. E $15 MIN.8
RR-143. Cleburne & Mexia, 1907, G+ duplex (UNLISTED; addressee name erased; lite tone) Tr1 on PPC. E $150
RR-144. Cleve, Ygs & Pitts, 1917, VG 558-O-1 (tip crs; tiny tear T) Tr24 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-145. Cleve, Young & Pitts, 1905, VG+ 558-N-1 Tr20 on cvr to Germany. E $16
RR-146. Clint & Anamosa, 1909, G+ 778-C-1 (dial hi: " & AN" partly off; lite tone) "WEST" on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-147. Cobre & Ely, 1933, G+ 977.1-A-1 (toned) Tr3 on reg.disp.rect.card. E $15 MIN.8
RR-148. Coeur d'Alene & Spok, 1910, G+ 906.1-A-1 (crnr crs) "WEST" on PPC. E $24
RR-149. Coffeyville & L.Rock, 1914 (Jan 1), VF 453-E-9 Tr105 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-150. Col & Norfolk/W.D., 1907, G+ 574-F-3 (lite tone) Tr15; Hotel Moose, Williamson, WV, fancy ad cc on cvr. E $14
RR-151. Col & Perryv, 1894, F 205-I-1 (bit ruff lower R; several pencil notes) on PSE FRONT ONLY. E $16
RR-152. Columbia & Perry, 1910, G+ 205-D-1 (dial hi: "A &" partly off; lite tone) T418 on PPC. E $14
RR-153. Columbia & Perry, 1930, F 205-D-1 (staple holes B) Tr"5010" on commer.cvr. E $14
RR-154. Columbia & Perry, 1935, G+ purple 205-D-1 (near F) Tr"5010" on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
RR-155. Columbia & Perryv, 1910, G+ 205-L-1 (R arc & part of date on stamp; lite tone) on PPC. E $15 MIN.8
RR-156. Conn & Fairmont, 1935, G+ 289-F-1 Tr66 on commer.cvr. E $12 MIN.6
RR-157. Conn & Grafton, 1943, VF 289-B-1 (dial bit hi) Tr66 on GPC. E $14
RR-158. Covington & Gordon, 1900, G+ 362-B-1 (ink spots at upper R & by address; trim L) Tr28 on PSE. E $14
RR-159. Covington & Gordon, 1908, G+ 362-B-2 (trim R) Tr19 on cvr. E $14
RR-160. Cranberry & J.City, 1908, G+ 504-B-1 (toned) Tr3 on PPC. E $20
RR-161. Creston & Cumberland, 1909, VG+ 800-B-1 (toned) Tr2 on PPC. E $15
RR-162. Cumb & Durbin, 1905, VG 275-M-5 (sealed spindle; lite cr) Tr4 on GPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-163. Cumb.Valley/Bedington, 1876, G 209-S-1 (WEAK strike; trim R, well into stamp; part lite tone; upper R tip ruff; AS IS) on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
RR-164. Henryville/D.L. & W.R.R. (Delaware, Lackawanna & Western), 1868, G+ blue double oval (UNLISTED; part lite tone; edge tear R; R flap off) bit faulty 3c grill on 4.25x2" cvr. E $60
RR-165. Dallas & Houston, 1921, G+ 470-F-3 Tr15 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-166. Danville & Stuart, 1924, G+ 308-B-1 ("T" & "RPO" not struck; lite tone) Tr4 on PPC. E $14
RR-167. Delaware/R.R., [1881], G+ 260-A-2 (struck on address) House of Representatives, State of Delaware cc on cvr w/letterhead enc. E $24
RR-168. Delaware/R.R., 1870s, G+ 260-A-3 w/dateless dial (slight ruff trim R; lite tone) on cvr. E $20 MIN.10
RR-169. Dem & Los Ang, 1887, G+ 963-E-3 (part on stamp; trim L) CATALOG COPY on PSE. E $24
RR-170. Den & Georgetown/Agt, [1879], G+ 952-A-1 (edge tears) Bank of Clear Creek County cc on PSE. E $100 MIN.50
RR-171. Den & Silver Plume, 1909, VF 952-E-1 Tr52 on PPC w/Gen'l Delivery No.2/Denver, CO, VG+ DCDS as recd. E $20 MIN.10
RR-172. Des Moines & Albia, 1911, F 779-B-4 Tr7 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-173. Des Moines & Attumwa ("Ottumwa" MISSPELLED), 1948, VG+ 779-D-1 (part on stamp but error shows clearly) Tr27 on GPC. E $14
RR-174. Des Moines & Wint, 1901, G+ 781-C-1 (lite tone) "EAST" on PSE. E $12 MIN.6
RR-175. Des.M.Valley/R.R., [1877], VG 757-B-1 (dial bit hi; ruff R, in stamp tip) on cvr w/enc. E $24 MIN.12
RR-176. Rec'd Det Mich Via Det & Chi, 1901, G+ 610-RB-2 Tr32; as recd b/s on PSE. E $14
RR-177. Det & Ft.Wayne, 1948, G+ 607-B-1 Tr8 on GPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-178. Det & Gd.Haven, 1903, G+ 611-J-2 (edge tear R) Tr18; 2c +1c on 2c PSE to HONDURAS. E $16
RR-179. Det & Gd.Rap, [1884], G+ 619-C-1 (trim R) CATALOG COPY on cvr. E $14
RR-180. Det & Gd.Rap, [1886], G+ 619-D-1 rimless CDS ("RPO" not struck; ruff R to stamp; lite tone) on PSE. E $15
RR-181. Det & Gd.Rap, ca.1890, G+ 619-D-1 rimless CDS ("D" & "R" not struck) on PSE. E $15
RR-182. Det & Gr.Hav/Agt, [1881], G+ 611-E-1 (lite tone) on PSE. E $15
RR-183. Det & Gr.Haven/Agt, [1883], G+ 611-F-1 (dial bit hi) on GPC. E $20
RR-184. Det & Grand Rapids, 1896, G+ NEW TYPE (trim R) on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
RR-185. Det & Grd Rap, [1904], G+ 619-N-3 (tip crs) CATALOG COPY on GPC. E $14
RR-186. Det & Ironton, 1914, G+ 642-H-2 ("RPO" not struck) Tr2 on PPC. E $14
RR-187. Det & Tol/N.L., 1890, G+ 615-E-1 on GPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-188. Det & Toledo/Agt, 1870s, G+ 616-A-1 (part on stamp) on GPC. E $60
RR-189. Det, 3 Riv & Chi, 1889, VG NEW TYPE (edge tear T) on cvr. E $15
RR-190. Det, 3 Rivers & Chi, 1901, G+ 610-R-1 (part ruff slit T; ink spot by add.) Tr6 on cvr. E $14
RR-191. Det, Durand & Grand Rap, 1925, G+ 611-I-1 (dial hi: " & GR" partly off) Tr54 on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
RR-192. Det, Durand & Grand Rap, 1924, VG+ 611-I-2 (pinholes) Tr67 on GPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-193. Det, Durand & Grand Rap, 1922, G+ NEW TYPE (bit ruff slit R) Tr57 on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
RR-194. Det, G.Ledge & G.Rapids, 1912, VG 622-Y-1 Tr3 on PPC. E $14
RR-195. Det, Gd.L. & Gd.Raps, 1893, G+ 622-N-1 Tr2 on GPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-196. Det, Gd.Led & Gd.Rap, 1908, G+ 622-T-1 Tr2 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-197. Det, Gd.Ledge & Gd.Raps, 1900, G+ 622-AB-1 (heavy crs) Tr1 on GPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-198. Detroit & Ironton, 1932, G+ 642-D-2 (tear L) Tr2 on GPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-199. Dover & Win/R.R., ca.1880, G+ 23-A-1 (R arc spotty; trim L; edge tears T) on cvr. E $60
RR-200. Downing & Lancas, 1906, VF 187-C-1 T453 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-201. Downing & Lancas, 1906, G+ 187-C-1 T454 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-202. Downing & Lancas, 1910, F 187-C-1 T450 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-203. Downing & Lancas, 1914, G+ 187-C-1 (lite tone) T459 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-204. Downing & Lancas, 1917, G+ 187-C-1 (part on stamp; tear T; upper R crnr slit) Tr"5553"; J.M.Kurtz Farm Machines, Honey Brook, PA, fancy cc on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
RR-205. Dub & Chamberlain, 1916, VF 761-R-1 (toned) Tr4 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-206. Dunk & Titus, 1926, G+ NEW TYPE; Tr4 on PPC w/2nd strike in message area above sender's initials, apparently as clerk's "return add.". E $15
RR-207. Dunk & Titus/(Agt), 1870s, G+ blue 149-C-1 (B arc not struck; trim L) on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
RR-208. Dunkirk & Titusville, 1908, G+ 149-D-1 Tr2 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-209. Duran & Farmington, 1913, G+ 962.4-A-1 (part on stamp; "RP" not struck) T471 on PPC. E $24 MIN.12
RR-210. E.Strouds & Phila, 1911, F 242-F-1 T577 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-211. E.Tawas & Rose City, 1910, G+ 643-H-1 (T arc bit obscured) Tr21 on PPC. E $16
RR-212. Easton & Hazleton, [1905], G+ purple 180-O-1 w/blank slug for year (bit smear) on PPC. E $15
RR-213. Easton & Hazleton, 1907, VG 180-O-1 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-214. Edgeley & Aberdeen, 1909, G+ 885-O-1 (tip crs; part lite soiled) "SOUTH" on PPC. E $16
RR-215. El Paso & Los Angeles, 1895, G+ 963-L-2 on PSE. E $16
RR-216. Elkhart, Ind/Trans Clk, 1913, G+ 680-B-1 on PPC. E $80
RR-217. J.W.Hyde,/Elmira & Bloss, 1895, G+ purple clerk's straight-line h/s (date partial) on reg.pack.rect.card. E $20
RR-218. Elmore & Eagle, 1916, G+ 796-K-1 Tr14 on PPC. E $15 MIN.8
RR-219. Elroy & Harv/Agt, 1870s, G+ 838-D-2 (dial hi: "OY &" partly off; trim L) CATALOG COPY, w/thick reversed "S" killer on cvr. E $24 MIN.12
RR-220. Em Gr & Getty's/Agt, 1884, G+ 236-B-1 (lower R tip slit) on PSE. E $20
RR-221. Em Gr & Getty's/Agt, 1884, G+ 236-B-1 (trim R) on cvr. E $16
RR-222. Emer & Nor Jct, 1903, G+ 937-U-1 Tr12 on lettersheet w/border removed. E $12 MIN.6
RR-223. Emergency No.2/1st Div, 1906, G+ 49-B-1 (bit o/s; lite tone) on Worcester, MA, PPC. E $20
RR-224. Emerson & Omaha, 1931, G+ 937-H-1 Tr2; pair 1c "Kans." overprint on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
RR-225. Erie & Butler, [1931], VF 231-B-1 w/dateless dial on cvr w/Erie, But & Pitts G+ 231-F-4 Tr18 as b/s. E $15
RR-226. Erie & Greenville, 1946, VG 231-C-1 Tr13 on commer.GPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-227. Erie & Pitts/Agt, 1880s, G+ 223-B-1 (nick R) on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
RR-228. Erie & Pittsburg, 1907, G+ 223-C-3 ("RPO" mostly not struck; lite tone) T216; CATALOG COPY on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-229. Erie, But & Pitts, 1913, F+ NEW TYPE; Tr14 on PPC. E $14
RR-230. Erie, Butler & Pitts, 1898, VG 231-A-1 on GPC. E $14
RR-231. Erie, Butler & Pitts, 1902, G+ 231-A-2 ("RP" not struck) on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
RR-232. Erie, Butler & Pitts, 1912, G+ 231-A-4 (lite tone) Tr18 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-233. Trans Cl'k Erie, Pa, 1927, VG+ 234-E-4; N.Y.Central logo cc; 2c Wash.w/inverted "NYC" perfin on cvr. E $15
RR-234. Trans Clk RMS Erie/Pa, 1909, F 237-E-1 (lite tone) on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-235. Eureka & San Fran, 1922, G+ 985-K-1 (toned) Tr1 on PC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-236. Eureka & Scotia, 1896, G+ 985-M-1 (part on stamp; upper R edge ruff slit) Kowalski Comm'n Merchants, San Francisco, on PSE. E $16
RR-237. F.Hav. & Sayre/Agt, 1870s, G+ 134-A-2 (near F; upper R tip nick) on cvr. E $20
RR-238. Fairmont & Chester, 1914, G+ 947.6-B-1 (T arc spotty) T106 on PPC. E $15 MIN.8
RR-239. Far & Ced Raps/Agt, [1888], VG+ 758-C-1 (trim R, in stamp margin) on cvr w/enc. E $20
RR-240. Farley & Ced Rapids, 1915, F+ 758-E-1 (lite tone) Tr23 on PPC. E $15 MIN.8
RR-241. Fox Lake & E.Grove, 1946, F 796-N-1 Tr24 on commer.PSE. E $12 MIN.6
RR-242. Foxburg & Butler, 1903, G+ 229-C-1 (bit ruff trim L) on cvr. E $14
RR-243. Foxburg & Butler, 1909, G+ 229-C-1 ("RPO" not struck; tip cr) on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-244. Frank & Ravenna, 1920, VG 543-B-1 (toned) Tr4 on PPC. E $15 MIN.8
RR-245. Fresno & Portersville, 1893, G+ 992.3-B-1 w/crude backwards "S" killer (ruff trim R to stamp) Bank of Sanger (CA) cc on 2c Colum.PSE. E $20
RR-246. Fulton & Grenada, 1902, G+ 421-Q-2 Tr25 on cvr. E $14
RR-247. Gale & Keat'g Summit, 1908, G+ 153-G-1 (lite strike) on PPC. E $15
RR-248. Galeton & Wharton, 1912, VG+ 153-H-1 (crs) Tr18 on PPC. E $24
RR-249. J.E.Merrick/Geneva./Geneva and Wellsbor(ough Rwy?), 1884, G+ purple octagon (UNLISTED; lower R arc not struck; edge tear L) Robt.J.Swan, Geneva, NY, cc on cvr w/enc.datelined "Rose Hill Farm". SCARCE style w/agent's name in canx. E $30
RR-250. Geneva & Sayre, 1928, G+ 135-D-2 T152 on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
RR-251. Geneva & Wells, [1883], VG 136-A-1 (year partial; 2 file holes, not in canx) on GPC. E $24 MIN.12
RR-252. Geneva & Wells, 1888, G+ black 136-A-1 (SPOTTY strike but ID sure) on GPC. E $14
RR-253. Goshen & Alcade, 1909, G+ 992.4-C-1 (near VG; toned) "SOUTH" on PPC. E $20
RR-254. Goshen & Coalinga, 1908, G+ 992.4-D-1 (bit ruff slit T) Tr88(?) on PSE. E $20
RR-255. Gr.Jct & Montrose, 1945, F 957-E-1 Tr319; Delta, CO, return add. on commer.cvr. E $15 MIN.8
RR-256. Grampian & Tyrone, 1906, G+ 202-F-6 (o/s) on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-257. Great Bend & Scott, 1946, G+ 918.7-A-3 (part on stamp) Tr70 on commer.cvr. E $12 MIN.6
RR-258. Greely & Denver ("Greeley" MISSPELLED), 1909, G+ 951-K-2 Tr22 on PPC. E $20 MIN.10
RR-259. Green, And & Cola/HPO, 1959, G+ duplex; Trip 1 on commer.cvr. E $15 MIN.8
RR-260. Greenv & Hill'ds/Agt, 1884, G 231-E-1 (lower L arc partial; uneven toned; nicks) CATALOG COPY on FRONT ONLY. SCARCE type, despite faults. E $20
RR-261. H.J.H. & G.R.R./Hanover Junction (Hanover Junction, Hanover & Gettysburg), 1883, VG blue 236-S-1 w/ms year correction (sealed spindle) on GPC. E $70
RR-262. Hampton & Algona, 1912, G+ 773.2-A-1 "EAST" on PPC. E $20
RR-263. Han & New Franklin, 1909, VF 809-K-2 Tr54 on PPC. E $15 MIN.8
RR-264. Hannah & Gd.Forks, 1904, G+ 876.5-F-1 (toned; bit uneven slit upper R) "SOUTH" on PSE. E $12 MIN.6
RR-265. Harris & Balto/Agt, [1880], G+ 195-H-1 ("AGT" mostly not struck; part toned) on PSE w/enc. E $16
RR-266. Harris & Balto/Agt, 1880s, VG+ 195-H-1 (1" tear T; trim R) "Fast Freight Line Between Cities of the East & West/Empire Line" illus.ad cc (boxcar) on cvr. E $30
RR-267. Harris & Mart/Agt, [1878], G+ 209-E-1 on GPC. E $16
RR-268. TCRMS P & R Sta/Hbg, Pa (Harrisburg), 1914, VG (cr) on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-269. Haverstraw & New York, 1905, F 124-B-2 on PPC. E $20
RR-270. Havre & Butte, 1903, G+ 891.6-B-11 (trim R; ink spot L) T154 on PSE. E $12 MIN.6
RR-271. Haywards & Oak, [1902], G+ 992.6-A-1 (part spotty; year partial; ruff L; lite tone) on cvr. E $24 MIN.12
RR-272. Helena & Port/W.D., 1886, VG 892-H-1 on GPC. E $24 MIN.12
RR-273. Hibbing & Duluth, 1914, G+ 879.2-B-5 (dial bit hi; tip cr) Tr4 on PPC. E $15 MIN.8
RR-274. Hights & Phila, 1906, G+ 243-C-1 (direction partial) "NORTH" on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-275. Hunt & Bedford, 1931, G+ 211-C-1 Tr3 on commer.PSE. E $14
RR-276. Hunt & Bedford, 1941, G+ 211-C-1 (bit trim T; tear T; no flap; lite tone) Tr2; Huntingdon & Broad Top Mtn.R.R. & Coal Co.cc on commer.cvr. E $15
RR-277. Hunt & Lorado, 1945, G+ 292.1-B-4 (dial hi: tip of " &" off) Tr49; Logan (WV) Food & Mining Co.cc on commer.cvr. E $14
RR-278. Huntdon & Bed, 1950, G+ 211-E-1 Tr3 on 3.25x4" facing slip. E $12 MIN.6
RR-279. Ind & Effingham, 1943, G+ 677-D-3 (dial bit hi; lite gum tone) T334 on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
RR-280. Ind, Dec & Spring, 1910, G+ 668-G-2 Tr23(?) on GPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-281. Indiana & Branch, 1909, G+ 220-B-1 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-282. Jack & Pens, 1898, G+ 381-G-3 (trim L; lite tone) Tr2 on PSE. E $20
RR-283. Jacks & Adrian, 1907, G+ 614-D-1 T331 on PPC. E $15
RR-284. Jackson & Adrian, 1898, VG 614-C-1 (trim L; lite tone) T318 on cvr. E $15
RR-285. Jackson & Adrian/Agt, 1870s, G+ 614-A-1 on cvr. E $20
RR-286. Jacksonv & Pensacola/W.D., 1926, VF 381-Q-1 Tr1; 2c Sesquicent'l on PPC. E $15 MIN.8
RR-287. Jamison City & Blooms, 1895, G+ 166.1-A-1 on PSE. E $20
RR-288. Jewell & Sx Cy, 1947, G+ 788-I-1 Tr217 on commer.air cvr. E $15
RR-289. John's & Rockw, 1890, F+ NEW TYPE (ruff L; tear B; lite tone) "NORTH" on cvr. Probably qualifies as misspelling, w/unnecessary apostrophe. E $16
RR-290. Johnstown & Rockwood, 1898, G+ 234-B-1 (year partial; near F; ruff R on PSE. E $14
RR-291. Johnstown & Rockwood, 1912, VG 234-B-3 Tr13 on PPC. E $14
RR-292. Joliet & Pekin, 1899, G+ 722-H-1 (toned; tip cr) "EAST" on GPC. E $15
RR-293. Jules & Denver, 1902, G+ 950-F-1 "EAST" on PPC. E $20 MIN.10
RR-294. Junc City & Beloit, 1910, G+ 916-B-1 T132 on PPC. E $20
RR-295. Kal Div L.S. & M.S., [1875], VG+ 625-A-1 (trim R) on cvr. E $50
RR-296. Kane & Butler, 1925, G+ 229-D-2 (near F; slight ruff slit T; lite tone) Tr52 on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
RR-297. Kane & Foxburg, 1912, VG 229-F-1 T151 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-298. Kank & Bloom, 1902, G+ 734-A-1 "SOUTH"; Bank of Chatsworth (IL) cc on PSE. E $15
RR-299. Kans City & Emporia, 1907, G+ 911-AM-2 T112 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-300. Kans City & Tulsa, 1920, VG 909-Y-2 (lite tone) Tr203 on PPC. E $8
RR-301. Kensett & Neosho, 1945, VG 452-D-2 Tr1 on commer.cvr. E $12 MIN.6
RR-302. Kingfield & Farm, 1913, G+ 17-C-1 Tr(4?); narrow gauge RR; on PPC. E $30
RR-303. Knobel & Memp, 1946, F 464.1-C-1 Tr"219-308" on commer.cvr. E $12 MIN.6
RR-304. L'ville & Elkland/Agt (Lawrenceville), [1879], G+ 227-A-1 (bit heavy inked; ruff R; edge nicks; edge tears; crs) on cvr w/enc. E $30
RR-305. L. & B.R.R./Beach Haven, 1883, G+ blue 176-S-4 (ruff R, well into stamp; long tear upper L; edge tears; part lite tone; AS IS for faults) CATALOG COPY on cvr w/enc. E $50
RR-306. L.Valley/R.R. (Lehigh Valley), 1870s, G 180-C-1 ("VAL" not struck; part ruff trim R; bit lite tone; cr) Lehigh Valley R.R.Co./Bethlehem, PA, cc on #10 cvr. E $20
RR-307. LaCrosse & Preston, 1915, G+ 868-J-1 ("SSE &" mostly not struck; toned) Tr33 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-308. LaFay & Quincy, 1882, VG+ 577-G-4 on GPC. E $15
RR-309. Lan Div L.S. & M.S./R.R., [1874], G+ blue 631-A-1 (R arc on stamp; lite tone) on GPC Sc.UX3. E $40
RR-310. Lancas, Pa & Fred'k, 1900, G+ 208-E-1 (L tip tone) T402 on GPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-311. Lancaster, Pa/Trans Sta, 1904, VG 237-O-1 (trim R) "The Wheatland" hotel illus.ad cc (wheat sheaf) on cvr. E $15
RR-312. Lancaster, Pa/Trans Sta, 1906, VG+ 237-O-1 (trim R; lite cr; lite tone) Carlisle (PA) Carpet Mills cc on PSE. E $14
RR-313. Lancaster, Pa/Trans Sta, 1910, F 237-O-1 (lite tone) on GPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-314. Lans & Hills, 1915, VG 631-D-2 (lite tone) Tr2 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-315. Lansing & Hills, 1906, G+ 631-E-2 (lite tone; tear B; crs) T445 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-316. Laporte & Hart Hall, 1899, G+ 166.2-D-1 (crs) "SOUTH" on GPC. E $16
RR-317. Laporte & Hartley Hall, 1906, F+ 166.2-A-1 Tr12 on PPC. E $15
RR-318. Laporte & Hartley Hall, 1908, G+ 166.2-A-1 (part on stamp; lite tone) Tr8 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-319. Laporte & Hartley Hall, 1909, G+ 166.2-A-1 (part on stamp; tip cr) Tr8 on REAL PHOTO PPC: bird's eye view Muncy Valley, PA (recd canx in sky). E $15 MIN.8
RR-320. Laporte & Hartley Hall, 1912, G+ 166.2-A-1 (part on stamp; part o/s) Tr4 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-321. Laporte & Hartley Hall, 1913, VG 166.2-A-1 Tr14 on PPC. E $14
RR-322. Larimore & Brecken, 1916, F 876.6-C-1 T197 on PPC. E $14
RR-323. Law & Mills, 1894, G+ 227-B-1 (edge tears; tip cr; tip nick) "EAST"; as recd on reg.pack.rect.card w/Elm & Hoytville VG+ 224-E-1 "SOUTH" origin. E $20 MIN.10
RR-324. Law & Mills, 1897, G+ 227-B-1 "EAST"; Cowanesque Tannery, Westfield, PA, cc on PSE. E $24
RR-325. Law & Mills, 1898, F 227-B-1 (trim R) "EAST"; F.W.Crandall's Building Blocks, Pianos, Toys, Games & Novelties, Elkland, PA, cc on cvr. E $24
RR-326. Law & Mills, 1898, G+ 227-B-1 (ruff R; tear T) "EAST"; 2c Trans-Miss on cvr. E $20 MIN.10
RR-327. Lot 2) Lawrence & Harr Vall, 1889-90, G 227-E-1 (1 w/R arc mostly not struck; 1 w/L arc mostly not struck; 1 toned) 1 "NORTH"; 1 "SOUTH" on GPCs. E $20 MIN.10
RR-328. Lawrenceville & Ulysses, 1908, VG+ 227-C-1 (toned) T206 on PPC. E $15 MIN.8
RR-329. Lawrenceville & Ulysses, 1912, F 227-C-1 T201 on PPC. E $16
RR-330. Lehighton & Haz, 1951, VG+ 180-V-1 (tiny tear T) Tr219 on commer.cvr. E $12 MIN.6
RR-331. Lenox & Jack, 1899, G+ 644-E-2 Tr30 on GPC. E $20
RR-332. Lenox & Jackson, 1911, G+ 644-D-4 (part on stamp) Tr27 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-333. Lenox & Jackson, 1913, G+ 644-D-4 Tr29 on PSE FRONT ONLY. E $12 MIN.6
RR-334. Lewes & George, 1907, G+ 265-J-1 (R arc spotty; ruff R, just in stamp; lite tone) Henlopen Flour Mills, Lewes, DE, ad cc on cvr. E $20
RR-335. Lewistown & Harlowton, 1909, G+ NEW TYPE (dial hi: "N & HA"; crnr crs; lite tone) Tr102 on PPC. E $15 MIN.8
RR-336. Lewisville & Shreve, 1910, G+ 450-K-1 (near VG+) "SOUTH" on PPC. E $24
RR-337. Lexington & Louisv, 1900, G+ 524-H-1 ("RPO" not struck; ruff R) Tr17 on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
RR-338. Linc & Concordia, 1910, VG 940-L-2 (lite tone) Tr90 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-339. Litch & Eldred, 1907, G+ 740.2-B-1 (lite tone) Tr71 on PPC. E $30
RR-340. Litchfield & Stamford, 1921, G+ 89-G-1 (lite tone; lower R tip nick) T245 on PPC. E $30 MIN.15
RR-341. Logan & Keo, 1914, G+ 656-K-1 Tr4 on PPC. E $8
RR-342. Logansport & Keokuk, 1914, G+ 656-L-1 (dial bit hi) Tr5 on PPC. E $8
RR-343. Los Ang & Red Beach, 1937, VF 998-F-1; Biltmore Hotel, Los Angeles, illus.ad on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
RR-344. Los Ang & San B'd'no Kite, 1911, G+ 993.1-C-3 ("SAN B" mostly not struck; lite tone) Tr44 on PPC. E $15 MIN.8
RR-345. Los Ang & Santa Barb, 1908, G+ 980-E-2 (lite tone) Tr53 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-346. Los Ang & Santa Barb, 1911, F 980-E-2 (dial bit hi) on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-347. Los Angeles & Barbara, 1890, G+ 980-F-1 (near VG+; lite tone) on PSE. E $24 MIN.12
RR-348. Los Angeles & San B'd'no Kite, 1913, G+ 993.1-A-1 (R arc weak) Tr43 on PPC. E $15 MIN.8
RR-349. C.A.Gage(?)/Low & Taun, ca.1908, G+ magenta clerk's straight-line h/s (R end obscured on stamp) improper use on PPC. E $14
RR-350. Lud & Gr Rap/HPO, 1955, F duplex; Trip 2 on cvr; 2nd strike w/Trip 1 on back. E $12 MIN.6
RR-351. Lud & Tol, [1886], G+ 618-D-1 (part obscured by tablet; small sealed spindle L) Tr4 on GPC. E $15
RR-352. Lud & Toledo/Agt, [1878], F 618-D-1 on GPC. E $16
RR-353. Lud, Sag E.S. & Det, [1897], G+ 618-K-1 (month/day obscured) Tr8 on GPC. E $15
RR-354. Lud, Sag & Det, 1901, G+ 618-U-1 Tr6 on GPC. E $20
RR-355. Ludington & Toledo/Agt, 1870s, VF 618-B-1 (ruff R; tear T) on cvr. E $20
RR-356. Lykens & Lebanon, 1908, G+ 186-C-1 (part on stamp; lite tone) Tr9 on PPC. E $15
RR-357. Lynch & Norton, 1903, G+ 311-Y-2 (bit trim T; nicks T) Tr1; Hotel Norwood, E.Radford, VA, cc; 2c Sc.301 on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
RR-358. Lyons & Williamsport, 1899, G+ 136-J-1 (upper R tip slit; edge tear R) "SOUTH" on PSE. E $12 MIN.6
RR-359. M.Chunk & Haz, 1939, VG 181-D-1 (uneven trim T) T211 on commer.PSE. E $12 MIN.6
RR-360. M.Chunk & Haz, 1941, G+ 181-D-2 (lite tone; lite cr) Tr211 on commer.PSE. E $12 MIN.6
RR-361. M.Chunk & Mt.Carmel, 1939, G+ 181-C-1 Tr211 on mailed 3x5" card. E $12 MIN.6
RR-362. Ma & West/R.R., 1870s, G+ 352-A-1 (trim R, in stamp to oval; ink spot lower L crnr) on PSE. E $24
RR-363. Macon & Palatka, 1906, VG 377-E-1 (bit o/s) Tr4 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-364. Macon & Palatka, 1900, G+ 377-E-2 (near VG+; lite tone; trim R) Tr1 on PSE. E $12 MIN.6
RR-365. Manistee & Toledo, 1908, G+ 618-M-1 (part on stamp; lite tone) Tr4 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-366. McCook & Imperial, 1908, G+ 947.9-A-1 (dial bit hi; bit stutter) on PPC. E $20
RR-367. Mem & McAlester, 1909, G+ 455-Y-2 (dial bit hi) Tr44 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-368. Memp & Texarkana, 1899, G+ 450-AI-1 (lite tone) Tr2 on PSE. E $12 MIN.6
RR-369. Mendota & Cent, 1906, G+ 709-D-2 (bit lite tone) on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-370. Mendota & Fulton, 1909, G+ 726-G-1 (toned) Tr22 on PPC datelned Walnut, IL. E $12 MIN.6
RR-371. Mic Central R.R./Mic, 1850s, VG 610-A-1 (dial bit hi; edge tears, 1 in dial; no flap) 3c imperf on cvr. E $180 MIN.90
RR-372. Mich Southern/R.R., 1850s, G+ blue 559-C-1 (near VG+) Carrington & Casey/Produce & Comm'n Merchants, Toledo, OH, albino embossed oval ad cc; 3c imperf on cvr. E $200 MIN.100
RR-373. Mil & Chi/Agt, 1870s, G+ 842-B-2 (lower R tip ruff; lite tone) on cvr. E $24
RR-374. Mil & Osh/R.R., 1870s, VG+ 846-C-1 on cvr w/enc.datelined Berlin, WI. E $50
RR-375. Mil & Oshkosh/R.R., [1873], G 846-B-1 (R arc SPOTTY but ID sure; trim R; bit lite tone) on PSE. E $40
RR-376. Millhall & Bellefonte, 1908, VG+ 166.4-A-1 (o/s; lite tone) Tr2 on PPC. E $30
RR-377. Milw, Lanc & Galena, 1919, G+ 857-G-1 T514 on PPC. E $20
RR-378. Milw, Lanc & Galena, 1923, F 857-G-2 (lite tone) T625 on PPC. E $20
RR-379. Milwau & Galena, 1906, G+ 858-C-2 (trim L) T100 on cvr. E $20
RR-380. Milwau & Galena, 1909, VG 858-C-2 (lite tone) T114 on PPC. E $20
RR-381. Mingo & Hunter, ca.1909, VF 820.4-B-1 w/blank year slug; "EAST" on PPC. E $75
RR-382. Mo.Kan & Tex Ry/Morton, Kan, 1891, G+ blue station agent's DCDS (UNLISTED; trim R) as transit at L on PSE. E $30 MIN.15
RR-383. Momence & Brazil, 1919, G+ 686.2-A-1 T202 on cvr. E $16
RR-384. Monett & Denison, 1908, VG 910-M-2 (lite tone) Tr8 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-385. Monroe & Adrian, 1893, G+ 612-D-1 (trim R) Tr102; CATALOG COPY; 2c Colum. on cvr w/enc.datelined Adrian, MI. E $20
RR-386. Monroe & Adrian, 1912, G+ 612-D-2 T345 on PPC. E $15 MIN.8
RR-387. Montecristo & Everett, 1909, G+ 902.2-A-1 ("EVE" mostly not struck; lower R on stamp; lite tone) on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-388. Montrose & Gr.Junc, 1912, G+ 957-G-1 ("E & G" partial) "EAST" on PPC. E $20 MIN.10
RR-389. Montrose & Gr.Junct, 1915, G+ 957-H-1 (lite tone) T320 on PPC. E $24 MIN.12
RR-390. Montrose & Grand Jct, 1909, G+ 957-F-1 (tip cr) "WEST" on PPC (Gunnison Tunnel). E $24 MIN.12
RR-391. Morris & Essex/R.R., 1870s, G+ 250-A-1 (R arc on stamp; dial bit hi) on cvr. E $50
RR-392. Mt.Jewett & Pitts, 1930, G+ 229-K-1 Tr"49-51" on GPC. E $16
RR-393. Munising & Princeton, 1913, G+ 649.5-B-1 Tr3 on REAL PHOTO PPC (Munising street scene w/courthouse in distance). E $20
RR-394. Musk & Allegan, 1908, G+ NEW TYPE (part toned) on PPC. E $24 MIN.12
RR-395. White Hall/N.C.R.W., 1883, G+ blue 195-S-7 (lite strike; part lite tone; sealed spindle) on GPC. E $40
RR-396. N.Fair Haven & Sayre, 1911, VG 134-G-1 T284; Standard Typewriter Co., Groton, NY, cc on PSE. E $14
RR-397. N.H. & N./R.R. (New Haven & Northampton), 1870s, VG 85-B-2 on GPC. E $40
RR-398. N.O. & Cairo, 1870s, G+ 421-AA-1 (part on stamp; ruff R) Receiver of Miss.Central and Miss.Central & Tennessee RR, Bolivar, TN, cc on cvr. E $15
RR-399. N.Y. & Erie, 1860s, G+ 125-R-4 w/dateless dial (slight stutter; trim L) on PSE. E $16
RR-400. N.Y. & Erie R.R., 1860s, G+ 125-H-2 w/dateless dial (dial bit hi; slight stutter; trim L) on PSE. E $30
RR-401. N.Y. & Geneva, 1897, G+ 135-F-1 (dial bit hi; trim L) on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
RR-402. N.Y. & Harrisburg, 1913, VG 254-I-1 (dial bit hi; lite tone) Tr8 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-403. N.Y. & Harrisburg, 1916, G+ 254-I-2 (R arc on stamp) Tr11 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-404. N.Y. & Harrisburg, 1916, G+ 254-I-2 Tr17 on GPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-405. N.Y. & Mauch Chunk, 1952, G+ 254-J-3 Tr107 on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
RR-406. N.Y. & Pitts/W.Div, 1870s, G+ 203-AG-1 rimless CDS w/crude star killer (trim L) Tr4; 7th Ave.Hotel, Pittsburgh, cc on cvr. E $20
RR-407. W.L.(???)/Port Jervis/N.Y. & Sala, ca.1908, G+ magenta clerk's 42x30mm oval as origin (part on stamp; last name not struck; town partial) Tr48 on PPC. E $15 MIN.8
RR-408. N.Y. & Wash, [1878], F 238-G-2 (part ruff slit T; edge tear T in rim) Rountree Commission Merchants overall ad w/lite green lined background on cvr w/letterhead enc. & other items from same correspondence. E $15
RR-409. N.Y., Balt & Wash, 1913, G+ 206-A-1 (bit heavy inked) T516 on special del.cvr. E $14
RR-410. N.Y., Balt & Wash, 1893, G+ NEW TYPE (EARLY; part obscured by design; tip cr) on GPC. E $15
RR-411. N.Y., Dover & Easton, 1910, G+ 250-K-1 w/blank slug for Tr (part on stamp; upper R tip nib) on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-412. N.Y., Dover & Easton, 1913, G+ 250-K-1 (near VG) T404 on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
RR-413. N.Y., Geneva & Buff, 1907, G+ 135-G-1 (part on stamp; crs) Tr8 on GPC w/new clipping adhered to back. E $12 MIN.6
RR-414. N.Y., Geneva & Buff, 1907, G+ 135-G-7 (bit o/s; bit toned) Tr8 on PPC successfully mailed w/o stamp; 3 diff.town canxes as transit & recd, but no due markings. E $15
RR-415. N.Y., Geneva & Buff, 1903, F 135-G-9 (bit ruff trim R) Tr4 on cvr w/enc. E $12 MIN.6
RR-416. N.Y., Geneva & Buff, 1912, G+ 135-G-9 (near VG+) Tr12 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-417. N.Y., Scranton & Buff, 1907, VF 175-I-1 Tr11 on LEATHER PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-418. N.Y., Som & Easton, 1899, VF 254-F-1 w/BOLD donut killer (trim R) Tr14; CATALOG COPY on cvr w/enc. E $14
RR-419. N.Y., Som & Easton, 1894, G+ 254-F-2 (month not struck) 2c Colum. on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
RR-420. N.Y., Som & Easton/Agt, [1884], G+ 254-D-1 (bit ruff trim R) on cvr. E $20
RR-421. N.Y., Som & Easton/Agt, [1887], G+ 254-D-1 on cvr. E $20
RR-422. Nest & Dul, 1948, F 638-M-1 Tr7 on commer.cvr. E $12 MIN.6
RR-423. Nestoria & Duluth, 1937, G+ 638-L-4 (part on stamp; tiny tear T) Tr7 on commer.PSE. E $12 MIN.6
RR-424. Nevada & Wichita, 1913, VG 824-J-2 (bit lite tone) "WEST"; 1c Balboa on PPC. E $14
RR-425. New Gal & Lis, 1898, G+ 595.2-A-1 Tr4; 1c blue on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
RR-426. New Gal & Lis, 1908 (Dec 25), G+ 595.2-A-1 (part o/s) Tr45 on cvr. E $15
RR-427. New Gal & Lis, 1909, F 595.2-A-1 (bit lite tone) Tr6; 1c Frank. on PPC to Canada. E $14
RR-428. New Galilee & Lisbon, 1916, G+ 595.2-B-1 (dial bit hi) Tr9 on cvr w/enc. E $14
RR-429. New Hope & Phila, 1912, F 167.1-A-3 (toned) T374 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-430. Newfield & Atl City, 1917, F 258.2-A-2 (bit of rim off edge; nicks R; crs) on 3.75x7" reg'y bill form. E $15
RR-431. Newnan & Columbus, 1913, VG 358-E-1 Tr17 on PPC. E $14
RR-432. Newtown & Phila, 1907, G+ 167.2-A-1 (part on stamp; bit o/s) "AM-S" on PPC. E $16
RR-433. Nin & Wilkes, 1913, VG 177-K-1 T513 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-434. Nin & Wilkes Barre, 1896, VG+ 177-J-1 (ruff R to stamp) Edgerton Coal Co.cc on PSE w/letterhead enc. E $14
RR-435. Nin & Wilkes Barre, 1893, VG+ NEW TYPE (trim L) Tr14 on #10 2c Colum.PSE. E $15
RR-436. Nineveh & Wilkes, 1910, VG 177-P-1 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-437. No.Fair Hav & Sayre, 1896, G+ 134-J-1 (bit ruff trim R) T112; C.A.Buffington, Buggies & Buckboards, Berkshire, NY, ad cc on cvr. E $16
RR-438. No.Fair Haven & Sayre, 1893, G+ 134-F-1 "NORTH" on GPC. E $14
RR-439. No.Fair Haven & Sayre, 1898, F 134-F-1 Tr4; 2c Trans-Miss on cvr. E $15
RR-440. No.Fair Haven & Sayre, 1907, G+ 134-F-2 (lite tone) T281 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-441. No.Fair Haven & Sayre, 1912, G+ 134-F-2 (crnr crs; lower R tip nick) T282 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-442. No.Jud & Streator, 1880s, G+ 682-C-1 (lower R arc mostly not struck; year partial) Gen'l Superintendents' Office, Indiana, Illinois & Iowa RR, Kankakee, IL, cc; 2c brown on cvr. E $20
RR-443. North Fair Haven & Sayre, 1909, F 134-H-2 T282 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-444. Northport & Marcus, 1920, VF 902.1-D-1 (tears B & R) T259; Miners & Smelters Bank, Northport, WA, cc on PSE FRONT ONLY. E $16
RR-445. Norwood & Utica, 1892, F 102-R-4 (edge tear L) on PSE. E $20
RR-446. NY & Trenton, 1953, VF 240-L-1 Tr2509 on mailed 3x5" card. E $12 MIN.6
RR-447. NY & Trenton, 1953, F 240-L-1 Tr2500 on GPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-448. Oakes & Sioux City, 1909, G+ 887.1-F-2 Tr(24?) on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-449. Oakland Pier, Calif./Trans.Clk, 1929, G+ 999-F-4 on commer.PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-450. Oil City & Andover, 1922, VG 228-D-1 Tr17 on PPC. E $30
RR-451. Oil City & Ash, 1909, G+ 228-C-2 (dial bit hi; part on stamp; lite tone; crs) T228 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-452. Oil City & Ash/Agt, [1882], VF 228-B-2 w/bold crude neg."A" in cork on GPC. E $16
RR-453. Om & Colo Spgs W.D., 1946, G+ 941-I-4 Tr8 on commer.cvr. E $12 MIN.6
RR-454. Omaha & Auburn, 1928, F NEW TYPE (pinholes) T838 on cvr. E $14
RR-455. Omaha & Colorado Spgs, 1912, G+ 941-E-2 (near VG; lite tone) Tr8 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-456. Omaha & Colorado Spgs, 1914, VG+ 941-E-2 (dial bit hi: tips of "LO" off) Tr8 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-457. Omaha & McFarland, 1906, G+ 941-K-1 (tear B) Tr6 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-458. Oroville & Sacra, 1909, VG 982-J-1 (toned) Tr55 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-459. Oroville & Sacra, 1909, G+ 982-J-1 (part on stamp) Tr21 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-460. P. & D.R.R. (Pennsylvania & Delaware), [1874], VG undated ms w/"X" killer (UNLISTED; cr) "Office of Baker & Phillips, Lime Mfrs, Avondale, P. & D.R.R." printed header on back; on GPC Sc.UX3. E $120
RR-461. P. & E.R.R./Farrandsville (Philadelphia & Erie), 1863, G+ 198-S-1 (T line lite; shield "dial" bit hi; taped tears B; trim R; nick R) CATALOG COPY on 4.25x2.75" lady's cvr w/fancy albino embossed border. E $70
RR-462. P.Ft.W. & C.R.R./Leetsdale Station (PIttsburgh, Fort Wayne & Chicago), 1863, G+ 223-S-2 (T arc mostly not struck; bit lite tone) on 4.75x2.75" cvr. E $60
RR-463. P.W. & B.R.R.Co./Moores Pa (Philadelphia, Wilmington & Baltimore), 1886, G+ blue oval (NEW TYPE; trim L) on cvr. E $75
RR-464. P.W. & B.R.R.Co./Moores, Pa (Philadelphia, Wilmington & Baltimore), 1888, VG blue 239-S-7 on cvr. E $40
RR-465. P.W. & B.R.R.Co./Moores, Pa (Philadelphia, Wilmington & Baltimore), 1890, VG blue 239-S-7 (R tips ruff; trim R; staple holes; tear B) on cvr. E $40
RR-466. P.W. & B.R.R.Co./Sharon Hill Pa (Philadelphia, Wilmington & Baltimore), 1887, G+ blue 239-S-6 on cvr. E $40
RR-467. Palmer & Burwell, 1915, VG 947.2-E-2 (lite tone) Tr54 on PPC. E $20
RR-468. Park & Karns City/Agt, 1870s, G+ blue 229-B-1 (bit ruff trim R) on PSE. E $70
RR-469. Parsons & Okla, 1907 (Apr 13), G+ 912-J-3 (EARLY) Tr22 on PPC. E $15
RR-470. Pasco & Vancouver, 1911, G+ 899.1-A-1 (near VG+; part on stamp) "NORTH" on PPC: "I see... that you are going to have an airship flight at Marshalltown (IA). I saw one at Portland at the fair last fall..." E $24 MIN.12
RR-471. Penn Haven & Sunbury, 1905, G+ 196-B-1 (upper L lite; o/s; bit lite tone) "WEST" on PPC. E $15
RR-472. Penna R.R.Co./Birmingham, NJ, 1884, G+ blue 243-S-4 w/black circled "29" killer (B arc LITE but ID sure) CATALOG COPY; 1c banknote on unsealed cvr. E $24
RR-473. T.C.Penna R.R.Sta/Phila, Pa, 1896, VG+ 237-E-10 (part ruff slit T; edge tear T) bit faulty 10c special del. +2c red on cvr. E $16
RR-474. T.C.Penna R.R.Sta/Phila, Pa, 1896, G+ 237-E-10 on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
RR-475. Peo & Terre H./Agt, [1881], VG+ 716-A-1 on GPC. E $24
RR-476. Peoria & Des Moines, 1900, G+ 697-F-1 (crnr cr; lite edge tone) Tr9 on GPC. E $14
RR-477. Phil & At City/Agt, [1880], G+ 256-A-1 w/BOLD crude "A" killer on GPC. E $20
RR-478. Phil & Norfolk, 1948, G+ 260-P-1 (dial bit hi) Tr454 on PPC (S.S.Pocahontas): "We are now sailing on Chesapeake Bay on our way to West Palm Beach..." E $14
RR-479. Phil & Wyo/Agt, 1885, G+ 260-C-1 (dial hi: tips of "HI" off T; taped tears at upper L; tiny tear B) on #10 cvr. E $16
RR-480. Phila & Balt Central R.R./Toughkenamon, 1875, G blue 205-S-2 (LITE; lower R arc not struck; trim R) on cvr. E $50
RR-481. Phila & Balt Central R.R./Toughkenamon, 1875, G blue 205-S-2 (upper half not struck; trim R) on cvr. E $30
RR-482. Phila & Balto Central/R.R./Chadd's Ford, ca.1878, partial CDS (dial hi: " & Balto" mostly off; date partial; tears; AS IS) on cvr. Mis-ID'd as Wilm & Northern RR in catalog. E $15 MIN.8
RR-483. Phila & Cape Charles, 1908, VF 260-E-1 (lite tone) Tr44 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-484. Phila & Cape Chas, ca.1910, G+ 260-F-1 (year not struck; crs) Tr49 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-485. Phila & Cape Chas, 1913, G+ 260-F-2 Tr37 on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
RR-486. Phila & Cape May, 1938, F 257-G-3 (lite tone) Tr607 on mailed 3x5" card. E $12 MIN.6
RR-487. Phila & Cape May, 1938, VF 257-G-3 Tr618 on mailed 3x5" card. E $12 MIN.6
RR-488. Phila & Cape May, 1941 (Dec 31), G+ 257-G-3 Tr607 on commer.cvr. E $12 MIN.6
RR-489. Phila & Cape May/Agt, 1886, G+ 257-B-1 on GPC. E $24
RR-490. Phila & Crisfield, 1900, G+ 260-H-1 Tr85 on cvr. E $14
RR-491. Phila & Crisfield/Agt, 1884, G+ 260-B-1 ("AGT" not struck; upper R tip nick) on PSE. E $12 MIN.6
RR-492. Phila & Dover, 1890, VG 260-J-1 "NORTH"; as transit b/s on special del.cvr. E $12 MIN.6
RR-493. Phila & Dover, 1890, G+ 260-J-1 (tear T, in dial; no flap; bit lite tone) partial "NORTH" slug on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
RR-494. Phila & Erie R.R./Wetmore, 1871, VG+ blue 198-S-2 as origin at L (uneven toned; ruff slit lower L) w/Phil & Erie/R.R. G+ 198-A-1 as canx on stamp; on cvr. E $70
RR-495. Phila & Norfolk, 1932, G+ 260-K-10 Tr68; 10c special del. on 3c PSE. E $12 MIN.6
RR-496. Phila & Norfolk, 1933, G+ 260-K-10 T450; Pennsylvania RR/Steamers Virginia Lee-Maryland-Pennsylvania ad cc on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
RR-497. Phila & Perry, 1935, G+ 205-F-1 Tr58 on reg.disp.rect.card. E $12 MIN.6
RR-498. Phila & Pt.Dep/Agt, 1884, G+ 205-C-1 (R arc partial; dial bit hi; tip cr) on GPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-499. Phila & Pt.Deposit/E.M.Baker, 1919, G+ magenta TCDS ("PO" partly off R edge) Tr"4528" on reg.pack.rect.card. E $14
RR-500. Phila & Pt.Norris, 1893, G+ 257-J-2; Bridgetown, NJ, att'y cc; 2c Trans Miss on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
RR-501. Phila & Salem, 1898, VG 258.1-A-1 (ruff L) on cvr. E $15
RR-502. Phila & Salem, 1901, G+ 258.1-A-1 (ruff slit upper L; bit ruff upper R; tear R; lite tone) 2c Pan Am on cvr. E $14
RR-503. Phila & Salem, 1898, G+ PROVISIONAL ms (UNLISTED type; lite tone) on cvr. E $70
RR-504. Phila & W.Chester, 1904, G+ 204-B-1 on PSE. E $12 MIN.6
RR-505. Phila & W.Chester, 1905, G+ 204-B-1 (B crnrs toned) as transit b/s on special del.cvr. E $12 MIN.6
RR-506. Phila & West Chester, 1953, VG 204-C-1 (lite tone) Tr716; "Last Day of Service" text cachet; 2 clerk's h/s (L.Steckel & H.R.Elzey) on back; their signatures on front on cvr. E $15
RR-507. Phila, C.B. & Atl City, 1928, VG+ 249-C-1 Tr41 on cvr. E $15
RR-508. Phila, C.B. & Atl City, 1931, G+ 249-C-1 (upper L obscured; lower L tip nick; toned) Tr41 on reg.disp.rect.card. E $12 MIN.6
RR-509. Phila, Pa & Cape Chas, 1901, G+ 260-Q-1; CATALOG COPY, except Tr86; on cvr. E $14
RR-510. Phila, Pa & Norfolk, 1904, VG 260-L-1 (trim R; edge tear T) Tr92 on cvr. E $14
RR-511. Phila, Pa & Salem, 1903, G+ 258.1-B-1 (tears T, 1 in dial) T.76 on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
RR-512. T.C.Penna R.R.Sta./Phila, Pa., 1895, G+ 237-E-10 (trim R) on cvr. E $14
RR-513. T.O.R.M.S.Penna Sta.Phila, Pa., 1955, G+ magenta 237-E-11 Tour 2; 2 strikes on PSE. E $12 MIN.6
RR-514. Trans Off RMS/M'k't.St.Wharf, Phila, Pa., 1920s?, F 237-E-5 w/dateless dial; 2 proof strikes on 3.25x5" facing slip. E $12 MIN.6
RR-515. Transfer Clerk RMS/Market St., Phila, Pa., 1940s?, G+ 237-E-9 w/dateless dial; proof strike on 4.5x4" blank paper. E $12 MIN.6
RR-516. Transf Sta.Phila/Pa, 1888, VG+ 237-E-1 (ruff R) pair 2c green on cvr. E $14
RR-517. Transf Sta.Phila/Pa, [1890], G+ 237-E-1 (year mostly not struck; upper R tip nick) on 3x5.25" passenger ticket env. E $15
RR-518. Transf Sta.Phila/Pa, 1891, G+ 237-E-1 (ruff R) A.E.Foote, MD, publishing ad cc on cvr. E $14
RR-519. Local Agt, Phila/Pa, ca.1880, G+ 237-E-2 (L arc lite; upper R tip nib; tone spot) on cvr. E $14
RR-520. Phoenix & Maricopa, 1913, G+ 968.2-A-1 (R arc obscured on stamp; dial bit hi; cr) Tr"21" on PPC. E $20
RR-521. Pitts & Brownsv, 1933, VG 233-C-2 Tr53; 3c Wash.w/"PLE" perfin on cvr. E $15
RR-522. Pitts & Clarks, 1913, G+ 289-G-2 (lite tone) Tr51; tying Xmas Seal Sc.WX13 on PPC. E $16
RR-523. Pitts & Clarks, 1907, G+ NEW TYPE; Tr4 on PPC. E $14
RR-524. Pitts & Clarks, 1911, G+ NEW TYPE (toned) Tr4 on PPC. E $14
RR-525. Pitts, Conn & Fair, 1930, G+ 289-C-1 (Tr partial) Tr65 on GPC. E $15
RR-526. Pitts, Jewett & Tol, 1908, G+ 591-B-1 (part lite tone) Tr2 on PPC. E $14
RR-527. Pitts, Jewett & Tol, 1912 (Jan 1), F+ 591-B-2 Tr3; CATALOG COPY on PPC. E $15
RR-528. T.C.R.M.S. Pa.Sta/Pittsburgh, Pa, ca.1914, G+ magenta 237-F-4 (year not struck) on PPC. E $15
RR-529. Chief Clerk, RMS Dist.5/Pittsburgh, Pa, 1936, F DCDS (crs; back toned) Rwy Mail Service cc on 3x5" penalty PC. E $16
RR-530. Pittsburgh, Pa, Term/date/D.R.Tromans, 1936, G clerk's straight-line h/s (weak strike; crs; bit edge scuff) on 67x76mm Parcel Post "Bad Order" mailing tag stub w/printed instructions on reverse. RARE use. E $15
RR-531. Port City & Chi Night, [1877], F 837-N-1 w/"E" killer (ruff R; crnr cr) on cvr w/Gleissner House, Monroe, WI, letterhead enc.dated 1 day later than canx. E $20
RR-532. Port & Nazareth, 1899, G+ 167.3-B-1 (cr) on GPC. E $16
RR-533. Port & Nazareth, 1910, G+ 167.3-B-2 (part on stamp; TONED) Tr13 on PPC. E $15
RR-534. Port & Rose/Agt, 1870s, G+ 894-F-1 (lite strike; trim R) on 3c official PSE. E $30
RR-535. Port & San Fran/So.Div, 1895, G+ 982-Q-2 (trim R; lite tone) on PSE. E $12 MIN.6
RR-536. Portland & Dallas, 1913, G+ 900.5-D-1 Tr76 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-537. Portland & Dallas, 1915, G+ 900.5-D-1 (R arc mostly not struck) T352 on GPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-538. Potts & Phila, 1887, G+ 190-G-1 (near VG+; edge tear R) Pottsville (PA) Iron & Steel cc on PSE. E $15
RR-539. Potts & Phila, 1894, G+ 190-G-6 (upper R arc spotty) Tr4; CATALOG COPY on GPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-540. Potts & Phila/Agt, 1881, G+ 190-E-1 (dial bit hi; slight ruff T; tear T, in dial; no flap) on cvr w/enc. E $14
RR-541. Potts, Tam & Hern/Agt, [1887], G+ 191-A-2 (part toned; lite soiled) on cvr. E $16
RR-542. Potts, Tam & Hern/Agt, [1890], G+ 191-A-2 (dial bit hi; bit ruff R) on cvr. E $16
RR-543. Pottsv & Phila, 1895, G+ 190-J-1 Tr10 on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
RR-544. Pottsv, Pa & Phila, 1908, G+ 190-L-1 Tr10 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-545. Pottsv, Pa & Phila, 1932, VG+ 190-L-1 Tr"10-34" as transit b/s on special del.cvr. E $15
RR-546. Praise & Spartanburg, 1946, F NEW TYPE; Tr38 on commer.cvr. E $12 MIN.6
RR-547. Prescott & Crownking, 1911, VG 967.3-B-1 "NORTH" on PPC. E $50
RR-548. Prov & N.London/Agt, [1883], VF 70-J-1 on GPC. E $15
RR-549. Transfer Office/Providence, R.I., 1915, G+ 77-A-3 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-550. Pt.Royal & Blairs Mills, 1907, VG 167.4-A-1 (part on stamp; toned) "AM-N" on PPC. E $20
RR-551. Pueblo & Alamosa, 1922, G+ 955-I-1 (ruff R) Tr116 on special del.cvr. E $20
RR-552. Pueblo & Creede, 1894, G+ 960-C-1 ("RPO" not struck; specks on upper R tip) 1st Nat'l Bank of Creede, Amethyst P.O., cc on 2c Colum.PSE. E $24
RR-553. Pueblo & Creede, 1913, F 960-C-2 Tr116 on PPC. E $15 MIN.8
RR-554. Pueblo & Creede, 1917, VG+ 960-C-3 (stuttered) Tr116 on PPC. E $15 MIN.8
RR-555. Pueblo & Silv, 1907, G+ 955-O-1 ("RPO" spotty; edge tears T) "EAST" on PPC. E $20
RR-556. Pullman & Genesee, 1912, G+ 906.4-A-1 (dial hi: "AN &" partly off; toned) "NORTH" on PPC. E $14
RR-557. Punx & Indiana, 1908, G+ 144-G-1 w/mostly rimless dial; bit of rim at B (lite tone; cr) on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-558. Punx & Indiana, 1906, G+ 144-G-3 (bit lite tone) T112 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-559. Punx & Indiana, 1914, VG 144-G-4 T111 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-560. R.R.I. & St.L./R.R., [1875], G+ blue 693-A-2 on GPC Sc.UX3. E $30
RR-561. Read & Col, 1886, G+ 188-B-1 (trim R) Hayden Tshudy Gen'l Mse, Lititz, PA, ad cc on cvr. E $16
RR-562. Read & Col/R.R., 1870s, G 188-A-1 (mostly on stamp; R arc obscured; AS IS for strike; trim R) on cvr. E $24
RR-563. Read & Lanc/L.O.Steckel, 1936, G+ magenta clerk's straight-line h/s (o/s) Tr910; as transit b/s on air/special del.cvr. E $14
RR-564. Read & Wil/Agt, 1880s, G+ 189-B-1 (trim L; lite tone) on cvr. E $20
RR-565. Read & Wilm, 1896, G+ NEW TYPE (EARLY; near VG; trim R; lite tone) "SOUTH" on cvr. E $15
RR-566. Reading & Lancaster, 1898, F+ 188-E-1 (upper R tip slit; edge tear R) "SOUTH"; CATALOG COPY on cvr. E $20
RR-567. Reading & Lancaster, 1916, F 188-E-2 Tr1 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-568. Reading & Lancaster, 1942, VG+ 188-E-2 T910 on GPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-569. Red Bluff & Sacra, 1909, VG 982-M-1 Tr11 on PPC. E $14
RR-570. Red Oak & Linc, 1907, VF 764-D-3 Tr5 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-571. Red & Sac'to/Agt, 1870s, G+ 982-A-1 on PSE. E $50 MIN.26
RR-572. Red & Sac'to/Agt, [1881], G+ 982-A-1 (cr) on PSE. E $40
RR-573. Redding & Sacramento, 1893, G+ 982-N-1 on GPC. E $16
RR-574. Redding & Sacramento, 1893, G+ 982-N-1 ("ING & SA" partial; upper T tip clip, in stamp) faulty 2c Colum. on cvr. E $14
RR-575. Redding & Sacto, 1882, G+ 982-D-1 (R arc spotty; lite tone) on PSE. E $20
RR-576. Redlands & Los Ang, 1909, G+ 994.2-D-1 Tr21 on PPC. E $15
RR-577. Redlands & Los Ang, 1899, G+ NEW TYPE (part on stamp; slight ruff slit upper R) Tr20 on PSE. E $20
RR-578. Redlands & Los Angeles, 1912, G+ 994.2-B-2 Tr34 on PPC. E $14
RR-579. From Reno & Columbia/F.B.Bulmer, 1912, G+ blue clerk's straight-line h/s (bit o/s; crnrs clip; toned) on 2.5x3.25" piece of facing slip. AS IS for condition, but no known postmarks from this route. E $24
RR-580. Reno & Goldfield, 1907, G+ 977.2-B-1 Tr23 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-581. Reno & Goldfield, 1914, G+ 977.2-B-1 Tr24 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-582. Reno & Goldfield, 1938, F 977.2-B-2 Tr605 on commer.cvr. E $14
RR-583. Reno & Mina, 1937, VG+ 977.2-C-1 (o/s; crnr crs) T606; as fwd on commer.GPC. E $14
RR-584. Reno & Mina, 1921, G+ 977.2-C-2 (ruff R) Tr24; Hotel Golden, Reno, NV, cc (town/state lined thru) on cvr w/8-pg.letterhead enc. E $20
RR-585. Reno & Mina, 1923, G+ 977.2-C-2 (ruff R; toned) Tr23 on cvr. E $16
RR-586. Reno & Minden, 1933, G+ 978-D-1 (part ruff trim R, in stamp frame) Tr1; Executive Chamber, Carson City, NV, cc on PPC. E $20
RR-587. Reno & Westwood, 1928, G+ 992.7-B-1 (lower R crnr ruff; edge tears T) Tr21; Lassen Co.Horticultural Comm'r, Susanville, CA, cc; "Buy Your Meat & Dairy from Lassen Co./Tubercular Free Area" at B on PSE FRONT ONLY. E $20
RR-588. Reno & Westwood, 1933, G+ 992.7-B-1 ("RPO" not struck; o/w F; lite tone) Tr34 on PPC. E $24 MIN.12
RR-589. Rice Lake & Eau C., [1883], G+ CDS/cork (UNLISTED; bit o/s; bit ruff R; lite tone) on cvr to Kearney, NE; "Advertised" & fwd 6 wks.later. E $150
RR-590. Richhill & Kiowa, 1906, G+ 920-AL-1 ("H HI" mostly not struck) T803 on PPC. E $15
RR-591. Ridgway & Durango, 1908, G+ 962.6-A-3 (edge tears T; no flap; lite tone) on cvr. E $15
RR-592. Rincon & Silver City, 1900, G+ 965.4-C-1 (trim R; part lite soiled) Tr822 on cvr. E $16
RR-593. Rincon & Silver City, 1915, G+ 965.4-C-6 (part on stamp; "PO" not struck; lite tone) T818 on PSE. E $15
RR-594. Riverside & Doerun, 1908, G+ 738-A-1 (part on stamp; lite tone) Tr35 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-595. Riverside & Los Ang, 1908, G+ 994.2-C-1 (near VG+; lite tone) Tr15 on PPC. E $14
RR-596. Riverside & Los Ang, 1909, G+ 994.2-C-1 Tr15 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-597. Roch & Punx, 1894, G+ 144-B-1 (part on stamp; lite tone; nick T) on 2c Colum.PSE. E $14
RR-598. Roch & Punx, [1894], G+ 144-B-1 (year mostly not struck) on GPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-599. Rochester & Pitts, 1909, VF 144-H-2 "SOUTH"; CATALOG COPY on PPC. E $14
RR-600. Rock Isl & Oskal, 1915 (Jan 1), G+ 754-F-1 (uneven lite tone) "EAST" on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-601. Rulo & Atchison, 1907, G+ 935-P-1 (part on stamp; lite tone) Tr13 on PPC. E $14
RR-602. Rumsey & Elmira, ca.1900, G+ 992.8-B-1 w/cork killer (tear R) "SOUTH" on cvr. E $16
RR-603. Rumsey & Elmira, 1907, VG+ 992.8-B-2 "SOUTH" on PSE. E $15
RR-604. S.City & Mo.Val/Agt, 1870s, G+ 763-A-1 ("AGT" mostly not struck; part ruff trim R) on cvr. E $16
RR-605. H.K.Potter-P./S.F. and Ukiah, ca.1890, G+ purple undated straight-line h/s (ruff R, in stamp to oval) Wells-Fargo tablet header on PSE FRONT ONLY. E $30
RR-606. S.F. & Portersv, 1907, G+ 963-AI-1 (ruff R to stamp) "SOUTH" on PSE. E $16
RR-607. S.F. & Portersville, 1907, G+ 963-AC-1 "NORTH" on PSE. E $16
RR-608. S.F., Mayf & Santa Cruz, 1922, G+ 980-AD-1 (part on stamp; crs) Tr69 on PPC. E $14
RR-609. S.F., Mendota & Los Ang, 1898, G+ 963-AL-2 (tear T, in rim; trim R; cr; toned) Tr18; CATALOG COPY on cvr. E $20
RR-610. S.F., Santa Cruz & Pajaro, 1910, VF 980-T-1 (toned) Tr34 on PPC. E $24
RR-611. S.F., Santa Cruz & Pajaro, 1910, G+ 980-T-1 (bit o/s; lite tone; tip cr) Tr22 on PPC. E $20
RR-612. S.Fran, Mendota & L.Ang, 1894, G+ 963-AJ-1 "NORTH" on 2c #10 Colum.PSE. E $24 MIN.12
RR-613. S.Fran, Mendota & L.Ang, 1896 (Feb 29), G+ 963-AJ-1 (lite tone; tear L) "NORTH"; LEAP DAY canx on 2c Colum.PSE. E $20 MIN.10
RR-614. S.Fran, Mendota & L.Ang, 1896, G+ 963-AJ-1 (slight trim upper L) "NORTH" on cvr. E $16
RR-615. S.L.City & Los Ang/N.D., 1911, G+ 972-K-2 Tr1 on PPC. E $20
RR-616. S.L.City & Los Ang/S.D., 1934, VG+ 972-L-1 Tr7 on commer.PSE. E $14
RR-617. S.L.City & Marysvale, 1912, G+ 941.1-D-1 (R arc on stamp; bit lite tone) "NORTH" on PPC. E $15 MIN.8
RR-618. S.L.City & Silver City, 1911, F 974.2-A-2 T409 on PPC. E $24 MIN.12
RR-619. S.L.City, Stock & Sil City, 1908, G+ 973.3-C-1 (near VG+; uneven lite tone) Tr52 on PPC. E $24
RR-620. S.L.City, Stock & Sil.City, 1915, G+ 973.3-C-2 (dial bit hi) Tr51; CATALOG COPY on PPC. E $24 MIN.12
RR-621. S.L.O. & Los Olivos, 1909, G+ 997.3-B-1 (R arc on stamp) "NORTH" on PPC. E $20
RR-622. S.L.Obispo & Los Ang, 1919, G+ 980-U-2 (toned; tears T; nick T) Tr75 on special del.cvr. E $12 MIN.6
RR-623. S.Lk.Cy & L.A., 1934, VG 972-V-1 Tr22 on commer.PSE. E $12 MIN.6
RR-624. S.Pacific, 1870s, G+ 963-I-1 w/cork killer ("IC" on stamp; tears T & L; bit lite tone) on PSE. E $70
RR-625. S.Pacific, 1872, G+ 963-I-1 w/grid killer (bit lite tone) on PSE. E $90
RR-626. Sac & Fres, 1951, G+ 979-L-1 (slight trim T) Tr60 on commer.cvr. E $12 MIN.6
RR-627. Sac & San Fran, 1890, G+ 969-B-1 (R arc obscured on stamp; lite tone; trim L) on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
RR-628. Sac & San Fran, 1897, VG+ 969-B-3 (slight ruff trim R) "WEST" on cvr. E $14
RR-629. Sac & San Fran/Agt, 1882, VG 976-N-1 (trim L; lite tone) on cvr. E $20 MIN.10
RR-630. Sac'to & San Fran, 1907, G+ 979-F-1 Tr31 on PSE. E $12 MIN.6
RR-631. Sac'to & San Fran, 1907, G+ NEW TYPE (part on stamp; lite tone) Tr31 on PPC. E $14
RR-632. Sac, Ben & San Fran/Agt, 1884, G+ 976-I-1 w/bold "E" killer (part on stamp; crnr cr) on GPC. E $20
RR-633. Sac, Ben & San Fran/Agt, 1890, G+ 976-I-1 ("FRA" not struck; trim R) on PSE. E $20
RR-634. Sacto & Fresno, 1942, VG+ 979-K-1 Tr231 on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
RR-635. Sacto & Fresno, 1945 (Jan 1), G+ 979-K-1 (lite tone) Tr261 on commer.cvr. E $12 MIN.6
RR-636. Sacto & S.F., 1940, VF 979-H-1 (toned; cr) Tr232 on commer.cvr. E $12 MIN.6
RR-637. Sal & Kent/Agt, [1882], G+ 550-B-1 (no flap) on cvr. E $16
RR-638. Sala & Cleve, 1905, F 550-T-1 (lower R ruff slit) Tr6 on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
RR-639. Sala & Youngs, 1890, G+ 550-V-1 (dial bit hi; trim R; lower R tip ruff) Tr12 on PSE. E $20
RR-640. Salida & Alamosa, 1907, G+ 955-Q-2 (part on stamp; direction partial) "NORTH" on PPC. E $20
RR-641. Salida & Alamosa, 1909, G+ 955-Q-2 (T arc partial; lite tone) on PPC. E $14
RR-642. Salida & Ouray, 1905, G+ 957-M-2 (ruff L) "EAST" on cvr. E $24
RR-643. Salida & Ouray, 1907, VF 957-M-2 "EAST" on PPC. E $20
RR-644. Salida & Ouray, 1907, VF 957-M-2 "WEST" on PPC. E $20
RR-645. Salida & Ouray, 1914, G+ 957-M-2 T316 on cvr. E $20
RR-646. Salida & Ouray, 1922, G+ 957-M-2 (dial bit hi) "EAST" on PPC. E $20
RR-647. Salida & Ouray, 1935, VG 957-M-6 Tr316 on commer.cvr. E $15 MIN.8
RR-648. Salida & Tell, 1929, G+ 957-O-1 (part ruff slit T; nick T) T372 on cvr. E $24 MIN.12
RR-649. Salida & Tell, 1929, G+ 957-O-1 T316 on cvr. E $30 MIN.15
RR-650. San Ant & Corpus C/HPO, 1960, G+ duplex (part on stamp) Trip 1; Beeville (TX) Hospital cc on commer.PSE. E $15 MIN.8
RR-651. San B'd'no & San J'c'nto, 1906, G+ 987-I-1 (R arc on stamp; lite tone) "NORTH" on PPC. E $15
RR-652. San Bdno & Orange, 1905, G+ 993.2-B-1 (near VG+) Tr52 on PPC. E $16
RR-653. San Bdno & Orange, 1906, G+ 993.2-B-1 (uneven toned) Tr55 on PPC. E $15
RR-654. San Bern & Orange, 1891, G+ NEW TYPE ("SA" & "R" not struck; day/year partial) Hall's Addition Nursery Co., Riverside, CA, ad cc on cvr. E $24
RR-655. San F. & San L.Obispo, 1898, G+ 980-J-1 Tr1 as dispatching office on reg.pack.rect.card w/same device (part heavy inked) Tr2 as rec'g office. E $16
RR-656. San Fran S.L. & Obispo (misplaced ampersand ERROR), 1898, VG 980-K-2 (lite tone) Tr"5" on back of otherwise blank 3.25x5" "Notice of Failure to Catch" form. E $16
RR-657. San Fran & Fresno, 1927, G+ 963-W-3 (near VG; bit lite tone) Tr39 on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
RR-658. San Fran & Los Ang/Agt, 1886, G+ 963-F-1 (toned; ruff L) Fresno Lumber cc on PSE. E $20 MIN.10
RR-659. San Fran & Los Ang/D.L., 1890s, G NEW TYPE (spotty strike; month/year not struck) "SOUTH" on PSE. E $15
RR-660. San Fran & S.L.Obispo, 1919, G+ 980-K-3 Tr75 on PPC datelined "En Route to San Fran". E $14
RR-661. San Fran & S.Margarita, 1894, G+ 980-M-1 on 2c Colum.PSE. E $24
RR-662. San Fran & San Luis Ob, 1899, G+ NEW TYPE (o/s) Tr"20" on GPC. E $16
RR-663. San Fran & Soledad/Agt, ca.1884, VG 980-B-1 (trim R) on cvr. E $20
RR-664. San Fran & Soledad/Agt, ca.1884, G+ 980-B-1 (T arc part spotty; ruff L; lite tone) Palace Hotel, San Francisco, ad header on cvr. E $20
RR-665. San Fran, Mendota & L.A., 1894, G+ 963-AE-2 (part ruff slit upper R) on 2c Colum.PSE. E $16
RR-666. San Fran, Mendota & L.A., 1898, G+ 963-AE-2 (L arc spotty; toned; ruff R) "NORTH" on cvr. E $14
RR-667. San Fran, Newark & S.Cruz, 1930, G+ 991-B-2 (trim L; toned) T175 on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
RR-668. San Juan & Ponce, 1943, G+ 399-B-2 (crnr cr) Tr1 on reply GPC w/att'd message GPC: collector's request for canx; censor h/s. E $15 MIN.8
RR-669. San Juan & Ponce, 1936, G+ NEW TYPE; Tr1; Mario Gonzalez, Importador, cc; 10c map air on cvr. E $40
RR-670. Sandusky & Newark, 1911, G+ 567-K-4 (dial bit hi; lite tone) Tr4 on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
RR-671. Scran & North, 1909, VF 176-C-1 T702 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-672. Scran & North, 1911, VF 176-C-1 (lite tone) T703 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-673. Scranton & North, 1904, VG+ 176-E-2 T719 on GPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-674. Scranton & North'd/Agt, 1885, G+ 176-F-1 (upper R & lower L crnrs ruff; lite tone) on cvr. E $16
RR-675. Scrib & Oakdale, 1899, G+ 943.4-B-1 (ruff R; lite tone) Bethany College header on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
RR-676. Scribner & Oakdale, 1917, G+ 943.4-C-2 (R arc on stamp; few stain spots) on PPC. E $14
RR-677. Sealy & Matagorda, 1911, G+ 492.5-A-2 (lite tone; tip crs) Tr14 on PPC. E $15 MIN.8
RR-678. Seat & Hoquiam, 1905, F 904.1-D-1 "EAST" on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-679. Seat & Hoquiam, 1907, G+ 904.1-D-1 ("RPO" not struck; trim R) Tr10; Hotel Washington, Aberdeen, WA, illus.ad (Geo.Washington portrait) on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
RR-680. Seat & Neah Bay/T.R., 1906, G+ W-2-a (o/s; tear B; crnr crs) "EAST"; STEAMBOAT RPO on PPC. E $30 MIN.15
RR-681. Seattle & Moclips, 1921, G+ 901.4-F-1 (lower R on stamp) T466 on PPC. E $16
RR-682. Seattle & Seward, 1914, G+ X-14-b (lite tone; crnr crs) "EAST" on PPC (Mission St., Ketchikan, AK) datelined "S.S.Alameda at Sea". E $30
RR-683. Seattle & Seward, 1941, VG X-14-h (trim R; slight trim T; lite tone) "SO." direction on commer.cvr. E $15
RR-684. Seattle & Seward, 1937, G+ X14-l ("RPO" not struck) "NORTH" on PPC. E $14
RR-685. Seattle & Seward/S.S.Northwestern, 1923, G+ X-14-tc (ship name spotty; year partial; tip cr) on PPC (Black Lake, AK) datelined "At Sea". E $24 MIN.12
RR-686. Seattle,Wash./Trans Clk, 1916, F+ 906.5-C-4 (bit o/s; lite tone) on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-687. Seattle.Wash.Trans.Office/P.T.S., 1952, F 906.5-C-6 on air PSE. E $12 MIN.6
RR-688. Sedalia & Denison, 1902, G+ 809-U-4 (upper R tip slit) Tr4; Ober L.Shannon, Drugs, Paints & Notions, Durant, Ind.Ter., cc on cvr. E $15
RR-689. Sedalia & Denison, 1901, G+ NEW TYPE (toned; stamp fault) Tr2 on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
RR-690. Sham & Phila, 1954, G+ 190-M-1 (bit lite tone) Tr2 on commer.air cvr. E $12 MIN.6
RR-691. Transfer Office, Curtis Plant/Sharon Hill, Pa.Post Office, [1965], VG undated magenta straight-line h/s (UNLISTED type) on cvr. E $15
RR-692. Sharon & Pitts, 1948, VF 223-F-1 Tr405 on GPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-693. Sheffield & Parrish, 1946, G+ 414.2-B-1 Tr2 on commer.cvr. E $14
RR-694. Shingle Sp'gs & Sac, [1891], G+ 981-E-1 on cvr. E $24
RR-695. Shingle Spg's & Sac/Agt, 1885, G+ 981-A-1 (dial bit hi; lite tone; trim L) on cvr. E $70
RR-696. Sibley & Manson, 1916, G+ 786.2-C-1 (upper R & part of date on stamp; bit ruff trim L) T474 on PSE. E $20
RR-697. Skidmore & Alice, [1898], G 482-N-1 (upper R arc partial; year mostly not struck; lite tone; few ink spots; AS IS) on black border MOURNING cvr. E $8
RR-698. Skidmore & Falfurrias, 1910, G+ 482-Y-1 (L arc spotty; lite tone) Tr24 on PPC. E $15 MIN.8
RR-699. Slat & Coates, 1949, F 184-C-1 (tip cr) Tr"810-710" on commer.PC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-700. Slating & Read/Agt, [1878], G+ 184-A-1 ("D" & "GT" not struck) on GPC. E $16
RR-701. Slating & Reading, 1908, G+ 184-D-1 (part heavy inked) "SOUTH" on PPC. E $16
RR-702. Slating & Reading, 1912, VG 184-D-1 (lower R water toned; overall lite tone) "SOUTH" on PPC. E $14
RR-703. Slatington & Read, ca.1940s, G+ 184-B-1 (year partial) Tr21? on commer.PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-704. So.Norfolk & Winner, 1918, VG 939-G-1 (lite tone) on PPC. E $20
RR-705. So.Pac.Co./Lang, 1891, G+ DCDS (UNLISTED route agent canx; flap tip off; tears T & R, in stamp; trim R) as origin b/s; w/Lang, CA (81/33) G DCDS (LOS-4840; "P.O." not struck, or excised? LKU; 2nd known example) as canx on PSE w/enc.: "...This Line was blockaded 24 hours last week by a landslide..." E $80
RR-706. So.Western/R.R., 1870s, G+ 360-E-3 w/target killer (dial bit hi; ruff trim L) on cvr. E $20
RR-707. So.Western/R.R., 1870s, G+ blue 360-E-5 (ruff R; edge tears T) on cvr. E $24
RR-708. Spok & Lewiston, 1912, VG+ 906.4-C-1 T232 on PSE. E $12 MIN.6
RR-709. Spok & Lewiston, 1912, VG 906.4-C-4 (overall lite tone; tone spot by message) T234 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-710. Spok & Seattle, 1904, VG+ 902.5-D-2 Tr4 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-711. Spok & Umatilla, 1908, G+ 904.6-E-1 (notch L) on PPC. E $14
RR-712. Spok, Pasco & Port, 1909, VG 899.1-C-1 Tr2 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-713. Spok, Pasco & Port, 1911, F 899.1-C-1 Tr2 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-714. Spok, Pasco & Seat, 1911, G+ 892-O-1 (dial bit hi; toned) Tr1 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-715. Spok, Pasco & Seattle, 1916, G+ 892-P-1 (part on stamp) Tr41; Hotel Michigan, North Yakima, WA, ad cc on cvr. E $14
RR-716. Spokane & Seattle, 1908, VG+ 902.5-A-1 (dial bit hi; lite tone) Tr2 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-717. Spokane & Tacoma, 1899, F 892-Q-1 (cr) on PSE. E $20
RR-718. Spokane & Tacoma, 1903, VF 892-Q-1 (toned) Tr2 on PPC. E $20 MIN.10
RR-719. St.Francis & Houl, 1912, G+ 16-K-1 (lite tone) Tr204 on PPC. E $24 MIN.12
RR-720. St.L & Monett, 1948, G+ 807-Q-7 Tr1; CATALOG COPY; "Inaugural Run/Streamlined Texas Special" cachet on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-721. St.Louis & Parsons, 1935, VG 809-Q-2 Tr5 on PPC. E $8
RR-722. St.Marys & Brockwayv, 1908, G+ 222-E-1 Tr4; CATALOG COPY ("V" omitted from catalog listing in error) Shawmut Clay Mfg.Co., Drummond, PA, cc on PSE. E $70
RR-723. St.Marys & Ramsay, 1912, G+ 222-C-1 (dial hi: tips of "S &" off T; toned) Tr1 on PPC. E $16
RR-724. St.Marys & Ramsay, 1912, G+ 222-C-1 Tr1 on PPC. E $20 MIN.10
RR-725. St.Marys & Ramseytown (MISSPELLED), 1911, G+ 222-D-1 (dial bit hi) Tr1 on PPC. E $24
RR-726. St.Vincent & Fargo, 1909, VG+ 869-AU-2 (dial bit hi; toned) T132 on PPC. E $15 MIN.8
RR-727. Stanley & Grenora, 1945, G+ 876.11-A-1 (part on stamp) "EAST" on commer.cvr. E $16
RR-728. Starlake & New Lis, 1914, G+ 848.1-F-1 ("RP" not struck; toned) Tr6 on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
RR-729. Stone & New Castle, 1890, G 215-H-2 (LITE strike; date partial; AS IS; trim R; tear R) on cvr. E $14
RR-730. Sunbury & Bellefonte, 1924, G+ 199-H-1 ("RPO" not struck) Tr"8533"; 2c Harding on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
RR-731. Susanville & Sac'to, 1919, G+ 995-L-1 (upper R part obscured on stamp; lite tone; tip crs) Tr27 on PPC. E $15
RR-732. Syr & Roch/Agt, ca.1880, G+ 115-I-2 (bit ruff trim R, just in stamp; toned) on PSE. E $20
RR-733. Syracuse & Det, [1897], G+ black 115-AO-1 w/blank year slug; Tr31; as transit on GPC from Germany. E $12 MIN.6
RR-734. Syracuse & Roch, 1898, VG+ 115-X-1 (dial bit hi) T235 on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
RR-735. Table Rock & Oxford, 1947, VG 935-AB-1 Tr14 on commer.GPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-736. Tacoma & Morton, [1912], G+ 905.5-B-1 (near VG+) Tr2 on PPC. E $40
RR-737. Tam & Chester, 1886, G+ 741-E-1 (lite strike; tiny tear T; lite tone) on cvr. E $15
RR-738. Taylors & Charlotte, 1914, G+ 330-F-2 Tr15 on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
RR-739. Temple & Clovis E.D., 1937, F 484-I-1 Tr76; Campbell Motor Co., Chrysler-Plymouth, Lampasas, TX, cc on commer.cvr. E $15
RR-740. Temple & Clovis E.D., 1943, VG+ 484-I-2 (upper R tip slit) Tr76; soldier's ms "Free" frank on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
RR-741. Tenn & Hawkinsv, 1909, G+ 369.8-B-1 Tr2 on cvr. E $16
RR-742. The Dalles & Bend, 1927, F 896.14-A-1 (toned) "NORTH" on PPC. E $16
RR-743. The Dalles & Bend, 1918, G+ 896.14-A-2 (tears; crs; part toned) Tr35; Pilot Butte Inn, Bend, OR, fancy ad cc on cvr. E $16
RR-744. Thief R.Falls & Kenmare, 1929, G+ 880.1-X-1 (lite tone) EAST on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-745. Toledo & Mansfield, 1907, F+ 582-C-1 (lite tone; tip cr) T416 on PPC. E $14
RR-746. Towanda & Bern/Agt, [1884], G+ 179-A-1 (upper L arc weak) on GPC. E $24
RR-747. Towanda & Lopez, 1894, G+ 179-B-1 (crnr cr) "NORTH"; CATALOG COPY on GPC. E $120
RR-748. Tracy & Redfield, 1943, G+ 866-G-3 (upper L tip slit; bit lite tone) Tr106 on commer.PSE. E $12 MIN.6
RR-749. Tracy & San Fran/Agt, 1870s, VF 979-A-1 on PSE. E $50
RR-750. Trinidad & Albuq, 1921, G+ 911-BC-1 (lite tone; bit ruff slit T; edge tear R) Tr8; The Alvarado/Fred Harvey/Albuquerque, NM illus.ad (hotel) on cvr. E $15
RR-751. Truckee & Lk.Tahoe, 1940, VG 997.4-B-2 Tr293 on commer.cvr. E $15 MIN.8
RR-752. Tuck & Phila, 1916, F 243-H-1 T385 on reg.disp.rect.card. E $12 MIN.6
RR-753. Tuck & Phila, 1922, VG 243-H-1 (punch hole, not in dial) T860 on reg.disp.rect.card. E $12 MIN.6
RR-754. Tuckerton & Phila, 1907, G+ 243-G-1 (bit o/s) "AM.W." on PPC. E $14
RR-755. Tuckerton & Phila, 1916, G+ 243-G-2 (lite tone) "AM.E." on reg.disp.rect.card. E $12 MIN.6
RR-756. Tucson & Nogales, 1937, VG 668-G-2 Tr379; Sequoia Hotel, Fresno, CA, fancy cc on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
RR-757. Tucson & Nogales, 1946, VF 965.2-A-5 (part ruff slit T) Tr379; Agencia Joffrey, Nogales, AZ, cc on commer.cvr. E $14
RR-758. Tucson & Nogales, 1946, G+ 965.2-A-5 (lite) Southern Pacific Lines cc on commer.cvr. E $12 MIN.6
RR-759. Tucumcari & El Paso, 1910, G+ 969.3-F-1 (near VG; dial bit hi; toned; crs) Tr3 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-760. Tulsa & Avard, 1910, G+ 921.5-A-1 T611 on PPC datelined Terlton. E $14
RR-761. Tulsa & Avard, 1910, VG 921.5-A-2 (bit cr) T613 on PPC: Keystone, OK, oil well. E $14
RR-762. Tuolumne & Stock, 1908, F+ 989-G-1 "WEST" on PPC. E $15 MIN.8
RR-763. Two Bridges & Strouds, 1897, G+ 247-D-2 (R arc & date lite) CATALOG COPY on GPC. E $30
RR-764. Ukiah & San Francisco, 1897, G+ NEW TYPE (lite tone) on cvr. E $24
RR-765. Ulys & Pt.Allegheny ("Allegany" MISSPELLED), 1900, G+ 166.6-A-1 (bit heavy inked; ruff R; lite tone) on PSE. E $24
RR-766. Ulysses & Pt.Alleg, 1912, G+ 166.6-B-1 (part on stamp) Tr2 on PSE. E $16
RR-767. Ulysses & Pt.Alleg, 1913, G+ 166.6-B-1 ("RPO" not struck) Tr2 on PSE. E $16
RR-768. Valley Sp'gs & Lodi/RRO (ERROR), 1908, G+ 984.2-A-1 (R arc lite but error VF; lite tone) T311 on PPC. E $16
RR-769. Vaughn & Albuquerque, 1926, G+ 928-H-1 Tr22 on PPC. E $15 MIN.8
RR-770. Vaughn & Albuquerque, 1928, F 928-H-1 Tr21 on PPC. E $16
RR-771. Vaughn & Albuquerque, 1929, G+ 928-H-1 (R arc on stamp) Tr21 on PPC. E $16
RR-772. Vicks & Natchez, 1908, G+ M-17-b (toned) "NORTH"; STEAMBOAT RPO on PPC. E $20
RR-773. Victor & Salt Lake City, 1917, VF 890-X-1 T129 on 1.75x3" PIECE ONLY, cut from facing slip. E $12 MIN.6
RR-774. Victoria & Beeville, 1912, G+ 482-W-1 (near VG+; dial hi: "RIA &" mostly off) T320 on PPC to France. E $15 MIN.8
RR-775. W'ms & Mahaffey, [1894], G+ 136-I-1 (year mostly not struck; trim R; R edge cr; tiny tears B) "WEST" on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
RR-776. W'msport & Gazzam, 1891, G+ 136-G-1 (date partial; R arc bit smear; trim L) on cvr. E $16
RR-777. W'msport & Mahaffey, 1902, G+ 136-H-1 (tip cr) Tr33 on GPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-778. W'msport & Mahaffey, 1908, G+ 136-H-1 (lite tone) Tr36 on PPC. E $14
RR-779. W'msport & Mahaffey, [1909], G+ 136-H-1 w/blank slug for year (dial hi: " & M" partly off) on PPC. E $14
RR-780. W'msport & Potts, 1896, VG+ 192-M-1 "SOUTH"; E.Datesman, Grain/Coal, W.Milton, PA, cc on cvr. E $14
RR-781. W'msport & Pottsville, 1900, G+ NEW TYPE (heavy vert.cr; edge tears T; lite tone) Tr5; 10c special del.+pair 2c on #10 cvr. E $15
RR-782. W'msport & Pt.Clinton, 1888, G+ 192-G-1 (cr; trim R; edge tear T) on cvr. E $16
RR-783. W.C. & P.R.R./Lenni (West Chester & Philadelphia), 1880, VF blue 204-S-1 (toned from tape repaired tears; crudely rebuilt ruff lower R crnr) as origin at L; CATALOG COPY; Lenni Mills, PA, VF ms as canx; strip/3x 1c banknote on FRONT ONLY w/bit faulty 3c postage due at B. SCARCE type, despite faults. E $24
RR-784. W.Trent & Phila, 1954, VG+ 255-C-1 Tr530 on GPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-785. Wading Riv & L.I.City, 1906, G+ 112-AA-1 T130 on PPC. E $14
RR-786. Wahrton & Palacios, 1914, G+ 482-T-1 ("RPO" not struck; toned) T309 on PPC. E $20
RR-787. Walla Walla & Pasco, 1915, G+ 901.5-B-1 (R arc on stamp) T348 on PPC. E $14
RR-788. Wallace & Spokane, 1909, G+ 896.7-A-1 (dial bit hi; part spotty; part lite tone) "EAST"; Hotel Tekoa, Tekoa,WA,cc on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
RR-789. Ware & Fall River, 1907, F 69.4-A-1 (stamp gone; o/s) Tr4 on PPC. E $20
RR-790. Ware & Fall River, 1912, G+ 69.4-A-1 ("RPO" not struck; dial bit hi; crs) Tr3 on PPC. E $30
RR-791. Wash & Bluemont, 1907 (Dec 25), G+ 301-C-4 Tr21 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-792. Wash & Wheel/Agt, 1880, G+ 293-J-1 (trim L) on cvr. E $40
RR-793. Wash, Balt & Can, 1870s, G+ 193-C-1 (message faded) on GPC Sc.UX1. E $24
RR-794. Trans Clk B & O Dep/Wash.D.C., 1905, G+ 277-F-6 (dial bit hi; toned) on PPC. E $8
RR-795. Wat & Utica, 1898, G+ 104-K-1 "SOUTH" on GPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-796. Watsonville Jct & S.Cruz, 1914, G+ 980-AF-1 (part on stamp) T116 on PPC. E $20
RR-797. Wellington & Tonka, 1912, G+ 918.3-B-1 (dial bit hi; toned) "NORTH" on PPC. E $30 MIN.15
RR-798. Wellsv & Galeton, 1900, G+ 153-I-1 (part ruff trim R, well into stamp) "SOUTH"; Jno.McPherson, Wellsville, NY, illus.ad (lamp) on cvr. E $16
RR-799. Wichita & Kiowa, 1910, G+ 920-AJ-2 (bit spotty; toned; bit cr) T706 on PPC. E $14
RR-800. Wichita, Kans.Term, 1915, G+ 927-D-1 (bit lite tone) on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-801. Wil & Wes/R.R., [1878], G+ 266-A-1 w/ms month/day (upper L edge ruff; flap partly off) on cvr. E $90
RR-802. Wilkes, Rick & Towanda, 1903, G+ 179-C-1 "SOUTH"; CATALOG COPY on GPC. E $16
RR-803. Wilkes, Rick & Towanda, 1907, G+ 179-C-2 (T arc partial) "SOUTH" on PPC. E $14
RR-804. Wilkes, Rick & Towanda, [1916], G+ 179-C-3 ("RPO" mostly not struck) T505 on GPC. E $14
RR-805. Wilkes, Rick & Towanda, 1926, G+ 179-C-4 (dial bit hi; lite tone) T504 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-806. Wilkes, Rick & Towanda, 1931, G+ 179-C-4 (R arc on stamp) T503 on GPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-807. Will & Seattle E.D., 1941, G+ 869-BA-2 Tr27 on commer.cvr. E $12 MIN.6
RR-808. Will & Seattle E.D., 1941, VF 869-BA-2 (2 tone spots & tape remnants T) Tr224; The Fair Hotel, Havre, MT, illus.ad on commer.cvr. E $15 MIN.8
RR-809. Will & Su Fls/HPO, 1961, G+ duplex; Tr6; Don Pederson, Dawson, MN, cc w/Int'l Harvester logo on commer.cvr. E $15
RR-810. Williamsport & Wash, 1909, G+ 193-N-1 (lite tone) Tr54 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-811. Williamsport & Wash, 1911, VG 193-N-2 (upper R tip nick) Tr1 on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
RR-812. Williamsport & Wash, 1916, G+ 193-N-2 Tr74 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-813. Williamsport & Wash, 1910, G+ 193-N-3 T154 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-814. Williamsport & Wash, 1917, VG NEW TYPE; T503; 2c War Rate on PPC. E $14
RR-815. Trans Sta.Williamsport/Pa, [1907], G+ 237-U-2 (lite tone; tip cr) 1c Sc.300 +5pf Germany on German PPC ("left over" from sender's trip). E $15
RR-816. Williston & Spok/E.D., 1926, G+ NEW TYPE (trim R) Tr2 on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
RR-817. Williston & Spok/W.D., 1930, G+ 869-BT-2 Tr2 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-818. Willitts & San Fran, 1905, G+ 985-U-3 (o/s; edge tear B) on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-819. Wilm & Land, 1887, G+ 266-C-2 (ink smudge on "PO"; trim L) CATALOG COPY on PSE. E $24
RR-820. Wilm & Landen/Agt, 1882, G+ 266-B-1 (ruff slit R) on cvr. E $40
RR-821. Wilming Del & Land, 1909, G+ 266-D-1 ("ILMING" not struck; uneven toned) on PPC. E $15 MIN.8
RR-822. Wilming & Western R.R./Hockessin, 1876 (Jan 1), G+ rimless CDS (UNLISTED station agt.type; tears T; part lite tone; stamp part toned) on cvr. E $75
RR-823. Wilt & Trent/Agt, [1879], F 755-C-1 (dial bit hi) on GPC. E $24
RR-824. Winkelman & Phoenix, 1909, G+ 968.1-C-1 (R arc lite; part toned) "EAST" on GPC. E $20
RR-825. Wms & Mahaffey, 1928, VG 136-M-1 Tr33 on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
RR-826. Wms & Mahaffey, 1911, VF NEW TYPE; "EAST" on PPC. E $14
RR-827. Wms'pt & Balt, [1875], G+ 193-D-6 (bit o/s; bit uneven slit upper R) Williamsport, PA, att'y cc on cvr w/letterhead enc. E $15 MIN.8
RR-828. Wms'pt & Balt, [1878], G+ 193-D-6 w/star killer (dial bit hi; lite tone) on GPC. E $15
RR-829. Wmspt & Balt, 1870s, G+ 193-D-2 (near F; part ruff slit T; T edge sealed) on cvr. E $14
RR-830. Wmspt & Balt, [1880], G+ 193-D-2 on GPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-831. Wmspt & Phila, 1944, VG 192-F-1 Tr6 on commer.PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-832. Woodbury & Salem, 1908, F 258.1-C-1 (lite tone) "AM" on PPC. E $14
RR-833. Woodbury & Salem, 1918, F 258.1-C-1 Tr"1924" on cvr. E $15
RR-834. Worc & Prov/Agent, 1885, G+ 72-G-1 (trim L, just in cc) Woonsocket (RI) Shuttle Co.cc on PSE. E $15
RR-835. York Beach & Ports, 1907, VG+ 15-C-1 (near VF) on PPC. E $30 MIN.15
RR-836. York & Baltimore, 1910, G+ 207-D-1 (upper L crnr ruff) Tr6 on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
RR-837. York & Baltimore, 1906, G+ 207-D-4 Tr6; CATALOG COPY on PPC. E $16
RR-838. Youngs & Col/HPO, 1960, G+ duplex (bit lite tone) Trip 2 on cacheted cvr. E $12 MIN.6
RR-839. Youngs & Dayton, 1914, G+ 550-Y-2 (lite tone) Tr15 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-840. Lot 400+) RPOs, street cars, HPOs & related, 1903-1992, (varied condition) balance of consignment batch on cards/cvrs (some fronts only, not counted). MIN.$95
RR-841. Lot 500) RPO's & related on cards/cvrs; inc.commer.cc's, RR cc's, 19th-20th Century; mostly pre-1950, (varied condition; some front-only & pieces not counted) mostly northeastern routes. From the DAVID GENTRY collection. LOW minimum bid. MIN.$240
RR-842. Lot 540+) RPO's, railroads, agents & related (about 80 are transfer clerks & terminal sta's), 19th-20th Century, (varied condition, fine to faulty; some fronts & pieces not counted) balance of huge consignment batch; on cvrs/cards. LOW minimum bid. MIN.$190
RR-843. Lot 640+) RPOs & related; inc.HPO's & streetcars, 19th-20th century; mostly 20th, but most are pre-1950, (varied condition) balance of huge consignment batch; on cvrs/cards. LOW minimum bid. MIN.$120

RR-844. Brussels, Belgium, 1948, G+ DCDS/slogan (dial partly off R; cr) "Compagnie du Chemin de Fer du Bas-Congo au Katanga" cc (Lower Congo RR Co.) on 5x6" cvr to U.S. E $12 MIN.6
RR-845. Fort Plain, NY, 1918, G Amer/A14 (lite tone; tiny tears T) "New York Central Lines/The Twentieth Century Ltd./The Over-Night Train/Between New York & Chicago/Via New York Central & Lake Shore Route" engraved "en route" cc w/logo on cvr. E $24 MIN.12
RR-846. Cleveland, OH, 1890, G+ duplex (lite tone; crs; tip tear) Lake Shore & Michigan Southern R'y cc on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
RR-847. Cleveland/Rec'd/Train Late, OH, 1895, G+ CDS/oval as recd b/s on PSE. E $14
RR-848. Dayton, OH, [1885], F duplex (toned; bit ruff trim L) "Great Western Despatch/E. & P.Desp. & S.S.Line" F magenta DCDS as cc on cvr. E $15
RR-849. Portland, OR, 1919, G+ Univ. (trim T) U.S.Railroad Administration cc; censor tape L; "Glacier Nat'l Park/Season Jun 15-Oct 1" logo ad label on back on cvr to Germany. E $15 MIN.8
RR-850. Philadelphia, PA, 1870s, G CDS/cork (dial HI: "ADEL" mostly off; bit ruff trim L) Phila & Reading R.R.Co.fancy shield return add.on flap on cvr. E $16
RR-851. Pittsburg, PA, 1908, VG Int'l; H.K.Porter Co., Light Locomotives cc on PSE. E $12 MIN.6
RR-852. Williamsport, PA, [1867], G+ CDS/cork (R edge toned) "Catawisa R.R./Superintendent's Office" CDS as b/s on cvr w/"Western Central RR Co. & Atlantic & Great Western Rwy Co./Lessees Catawissa Railroad" letterhead enc. E $24
RR-853. Olympia, WA, 1906, G+ Doremus (trim R, just in stamp; lite soiled) "Railroad Commission of Washington" engraved cc on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
RR-854. Baltimore & Ohio RR Co.: 8x10" 15-share stock certificate (crs; punch thru signature), 1906. E $15
RR-855. K.C. & Wellington, 1912, G+ 909-E-4 (long tear across lower L) "Colorado Flyer/Santa Fe/California Fast Mail" "en route" style cc w/logo on cvr. E $20 MIN.10
RR-856. Omaha, N.Platte & Den, ca.1912, G 932-AB-1 (upper R & year partial) "The Denver Special/Chicago-Denver/Only One Night En Route/Chicago Union Pacific and/North Western Line" GREEN engraved cc on cvr. E $40
RR-857. Phil & Harris/Agt, [1886], partial 203-H-1; Railroad Hotel, Opp.P.R.R.Sta., Middletown, PA, cc on cvr. E $15
RR-858. Railroad Registered Package Labels: Union Pacific booklet pane of 5 (pink); Pennsylvania RR single (green). E $15
RR-859. Western Maryland Rail Road & Connections/Local Time Tables: 3.75x6" 3-panel folded timetable (crs), 1886. E $12 MIN.6

STREET CARS (Towle #'s)
RR-860. Lot 16) diff.Baltimore Street Cars, 1903-23, nearly all VF (few VG-G+) various BA- types (few minor faults) on PPCs. MIN.$38
RR-861. Baltimore & Arlington, 1917, VF BA-2-o flag machine on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
RR-862. Baltimore & Arlington, 1917, VG BA-2-o flag machine (crnr cr) on PPC to 310th Rgt Field Art'y, Battery C, Camp Meade. E $12 MIN.6
RR-863. Boston Circuit, 1897, VG BO-10-a flag w/triangle in die space on GPC. E $20
RR-864. Boston & Somerville, 1909, G+ BO-7-b (lower R tip clip) on PPC. E $80
RR-865. Lot 8) Chicago street cars, 1904-09, various CH- types; 2 each: Clark, Madison, Millard, Wentworth (varied condition) on PPCs. MIN.$16
RR-866. Chi.Ill.Cott Gro.Av., 1906, G+ CH-3-e (R arc spotty; edge tear T; bit ruff slit R) Tr20 on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
RR-867. Chi.Ill.Cott Gro.Av., 1906, G+ CH-3-e (dial hi: "CO" partly off; lite tone) Tr18 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-868. Chi.Ill.Cott Gro.Av., 1907, G+ CH-3-e Tr14 on PPC. E $8
RR-869. Chi.Ill.Cott Gro.Av., 1907, G+ CH-3-e (part on stamp) Tr16 on PPC. E $8
RR-870. Chi.Ill.Cott Gro.Av., 1908, G+ CH-3-e (part on stamp; toned) Tr4 on PPC. E $8
RR-871. Chi.Ill.Cott Gro.Av., 1910, G+ CH-3-e (near VF; toned) Tr12 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-872. Chi.Ill.Cott Gro.Av., 1911 (Jan 14), G+ CH-3-e (LATE; R arc on stamp) Tr14 on PPC. E $15 MIN.8
RR-873. Chicago, Ill/Mad St., 1906, G+ CH-4-d (upper R on stamp; tear R) SCARCE Tr5 on PPC. E $15 MIN.8
RR-874. Chi & Millard Ave./Ill, 1909, F CH-5-a Tp16 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-875. Chi & Millard Ave./Ill, 1909, F+ CH-5-a Tp8 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-876. Chi & Millard Ave./Ill, 1909, G+ CH-5-b (part on stamp) Tp6 on PPC. E $8
RR-877. Chi & Millard Ave./Ill, 1907, G+ CH-5-c (stamp gone, removes killer, but ID sure; lite tone) SCARCE Tp19 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-878. Chi & Mil Ave, 1905, G+ CH-6-b (part on stamp; o/s) Tp16 on PPC. E $8
RR-879. Chi & Mil Ave, 1908, VF CH-6-b Tr10 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-880. Chi & Mil Ave, 1910, G+ CH-6-b (lite tone) Tr16 on PPC. E $8
RR-881. Chicago, Ill/Wentworth Ave, 1906, G+ CH-7-a2 Doremus machine (edge tears; slight trim T; slit 3 sides) Univ.of Chicago cc on cvr. E $75 MIN.38
RR-882. Chicago, Ill/Wentworth Ave, 1906, G+ CH-7-a2 Doremus machine ("TH" & "PO" not struck; pinholes; o/s) w/G+ ty.CH-7-b duplex also applied on PPC. NICE combo. E $60
RR-883. Chi & Went Ave, 1906, G+ CH-7-b (killer mostly not struck) BLANK SLUG for Tr# on PPC. SCARCE. E $20
RR-884. Chi & Went Ave, 1908, G+ CH-7-b3 (near F) Tr2 on PPC. E $8
RR-885. Chi & Went Ave, 1908, G+ CH-7-b3 Tr28 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-886. Third Ave.Dist Car, 1898, G+ NY-1-c-7 (lite tone; nick T) Tr43; as recd b/s on cvr. E $15
RR-887. Pittsburg, Pa.St., 1906, F PI-2-c (o/s) Tr1 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-888. Rochester, N.Y., West Side, 1897, G+ RO-2-a2 (dial bit hi; part on stamp) on cvr w/enc. E $40
RR-889. Rochester, N.Y., Car Coll Service/C, 1902, G+ RO-3-b (R arc partial; add.bit smear) 5c blue Grant on cvr to England. E $20 MIN.10
RR-890. Seattle & Seattle, 1909, G+ SE-1-Ab (bit lite tone) on PPC. E $20
RR-891. Seattle & Seattle, 1910, G+ SE-1-Ab (lite tone) on PPC. E $15
RR-892. St.Louis, Mo/Grand Ave Circuit, [1897], VG+ SL- 3-Aa var: year omitted (upper L crnr toned) Tr9 on GPC. E $24
RR-893. St.L.Gd.Ave Circuit, 1900, F SL- 3-E (trim R) Tr11 on cvr. E $15
RR-894. St.L. & Kirkwood, 1900, F SL- 5-A (part o/s by partial 2nd strike; toned; crnr cr) Tr16 on GPC. E $50
RR-895. St.Louis, Mo/Circuit Cir, 1906, VF SL- 9-A Tr6 on GPC. E $24
RR-896. St.Louis, Mo/Circuit Cir, 1906, F SL- 9-A Tr6 on GPC. E $20
RR-897. St.Louis, Mo/Circuit Cir, 1912 (Dec 31), VG SL- 9-A (lite tone; tip cr) Tr4 on GPC. E $20
RR-898. St.Louis, Mo/Olive Cir, 1908, VF SL-10-A (lite tone) Tr6 on GPC. E $20
RR-899. St.Louis, Mo/Olive Cir, 1909, F SL-10-A Tr2 on GPC. E $20
RR-900. St.Louis, Mo/Olive, 1909, F+ SL-10-B Tr10 on PPC. E $8
RR-901. St.Louis, Mo/Easton Circuit, 1905, VF SL-11-A Tr2 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-902. St.Louis, Mo/Easton Circuit, 1907, F+ SL-11-A (bit ruff trim R) Tr3 on PPC. E $14
RR-903. St.Louis, Mo/Easton Circuit, 1907, VG+ SL-11-A (lite tone; tip cr) Tr2 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-904. St.Louis, Mo/Easton Circuit, 1908, VF SL-11-C Tr3 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-905. St.Louis, Mo/Easton Cir.No.1, 1915, G+ SL-11-E (LKU; crs) Tr6 on PPC. E $60
RR-906. St.Louis, Mo/Northwest Circuit, 1910, VF SL-12-B (nick L) Tr4 on GPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-907. St.Louis, Mo.Northwest, 1912, VF SL-12-C (toned) Tr8 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-908. St.Louis, Mo/North B'way, 1909, VF SL-13-B Tr7 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-909. St.Louis, Mo/North B'way, 1909, VF SL-13-B Tr2 on PPC. E $8
RR-910. St.Louis, Mo/Southwest Cir, 1907, F+ SL-14-A on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-911. St.Louis, Mo/B'way South Circuit, 1913, G+ SL-15-Ab (toned) Tr2 on PPC to USS South Dakota. E $12 MIN.6
RR-912. St.Louis, Mo/South B'way, 1908, VF SL-15-B (lite tone) Tr2 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-913. St.Louis, Mo/South B'way, 1909, VF SL-15-B (tip cr) Tr2 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-914. St.Louis, Mo/South B'way, 1911, F SL-15-B Tr4 on cvr. E $14

SEALS / Labels (Scott #, then centering. "SE" = straight edges.) Need the Christmas Seal catalog? We have it!
SL-1. WX1, F (cr), Allentown, PA, 1907, G+ Int'l (not tied, but likely belongs; 0 SE) on bit cr PPC. E $20
SL-2. WX3a (Green ty.8-1B), F, Sacramento, CA, [1908], G Barry (tied; 0 SE) on PPC. E $24
SL-3. WX3a, F, Milwaukee, WI, 1908, VG Int'l (tied; 0 SE) on lite tone PPC. E $20
SL-4. WX3a, A (lite tone), Plymouth, PA, 1909 (Jan 1), VG Int'l (tied; 0 SE) '08 seal used New Year's Day on PPC. E $16
SL-5. WX3a (Green ty.8-1A), A, Boston, MA, 1909 (Jan 5), VF Amer/B4(2) (tied; 0 SE) bit late use on lite tone cvr w/Provident Live & Trust cc. E $24 MIN.12
SL-6. WX5: mint block/4 (few lite hinge marks). E $12 MIN.6
SL-7. WX7, F, Jamestown, OH, 1911, G+ duplex (tied; 0 SE) on PPC. E $30
SL-8. WX7, F-A, Waterville, ME, 1911, VG Amer/B14 (tied; 0 SE) on PPC. E $30
SL-9. WX8, F-A, Albion, WI, 1912, partial duplex (tied; 0 SE) 1911 seal, used late on PPC. E $20 MIN.10
SL-10. WX10, F, Portland, OR, 1912, VG PPIE slogan (tied; 0 SE) on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
SL-11. WX10, F, San Antonio, TX, [1912], partial duplex (tied; 0 SE) 1c Wash. on 4.25x6.5" "Souvenir of San Antonio" pictorial folder (tip crs). SCARCE use. E $20
SL-12. WX13, F-A, Chicago, IL, 1913, G Int'l (tied; 0 SE) on PPC. E $15
SL-13. WX15, F (couple short perfs), Brooklyn/Sta.L, NY, 1914, G+ Int'l (tied; 2 SE) on TONED PPC. E $12 MIN.6
SL-14. WX16, F, Brockport, NY, 1915, G+ Int'l (tied; 0 SE) on lite tone PPC. E $12 MIN.6
SL-15. WX19b, F, Shawnee, WY, 1917 (Dec 25), G+ 4-bar (tied; 0 SE) on lite tone PPC. E $12 MIN.6
SL-16. WX21b, F-A, Fort Sheridan, IL, 1918, G+ Doremus (tied; 1 SE) U.S.Army/Gen'l Hospital #28 header; 1c Wash.underpaying rate on lite tone PPC. E $24 MIN.12
SL-17. WX21c, F (1 nib perf), Ft.Wayne, IN, 1918, G+ Univ. (tied; 1 SE) 2c coil Sc.492 on toned PPC. E $24 MIN.12
SL-18. WX21c, F-A, Farmington, NH, 1918, G+ duplex (tied; 2 SE) 1c Wash.underpaying rate on PPC. E $20 MIN.10
SL-19. WX29, F, Wilmington, DE, 1921, G+ Univ. (tied; 0 SE) on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
SL-20. WX35 pair, F, Oakland, CA, 1925, G+ Univ. (tied; 1 SE) on bit lite tone PPC. E $12 MIN.6
SL-21. WX49, F, Philadelphia, PA, 1929, VG Int'l (tied; 0 SE) on 3x4.5" cvr (no flap). E $12 MIN.6
SL-22. WX62 pair/WX65 pair; F/F-A, Cleveland, OH, 1934, G+ DCDS (tied to back; SE's on each) '31 & '32 seals used late on reg'd #10 cvr (cr; lite tone) w/8 diff.stamps, to Australia. E $24
SL-23. WX69, F, Colorado Springs, CO, 1933, VF Univ. (tied; 0 SE) J.J.Mahoney, MD, cc on commer.cvr. E $30 MIN.15
SL-24. WX80 block/9 w/printer's initial "E" on center seal; F, Utica, NY, 1936 (Nov 26), G+ duplex (few perfs on 1 seal barely tied; 0 SE) on 1st day cvr w/news clipping re.printer's marks at upper R. E $100
SL-25. WX81 block/4; F, Albany, NY, 1936, F Univ. (2 tied; 0 SE) on cvr w/"Health to All" illus.header. E $15 MIN.8
SL-26. WX81 pair, F-A, Moline, IL, 1936 (Dec 25), G+ Univ. (tied; 0 SE) on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
SL-27. WX81, F, Fort Benning, GA, 1936, VG Int'l (tied; 0 SE) on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
SL-28. WX88, F, San Francisco, CA, 1937, partial Int'l (tied; 0 SE) on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
SL-29. WX92 strip/3, F (1 torn), Washington, DC, 1938, G+ Int'l (tied; 1 SE) TB logo cachet on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
SL-30. WX92, F, Lake Wales, FL, 1938, F Int'l (tied; 0 SE) on PPC. E $15 MIN.8
SL-31. WX93, F-A, Rutherford, NJ, 1938, G+ Int'l (tied; 1 SE) on PC. E $12 MIN.6
SL-32. WX97 block/4, F, Los Angeles/Arcade Anx, CA, 1939, G+ Univ. (tied; 0 SE) +pair tied to back on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
SL-33. WX97 w/block of 4 central labels ("Health to All" etc.) adjacent; F, Springfield, IL, 1939 (Dec 25), G Univ. (3 tied; 0 SE) on cvr. E $40
SL-34. WX97/var: imperf block/4; F, Gilbert, AZ, 1939 (Nov 22), G+ duplex (2 tied) Clarence Budd cc on unadd."pre-1st day" cvr. E $80
SL-35. WX100 block/4, F-A, Canajoharie, NY, 1940, G+ duplex (tied; SE's at B) Dr.Chas.Stover cachet on cvr (lite tone). E $15
SL-36. WX104 pair, F, New Bedford, MA, 1941, G+ Univ. (tied to back; 1 SE) on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
SL-37. WX105, F, Arlington Heights, IL, 1941, VG Int'l w/dateless dial (tied; 0 SE) 1.5c Prexie on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
SL-38. WX108 pair, F, Mistletoe, KY, 1942 (Dec 25), VF 4-bar (1 tied; 0 SE) TB symbol & bells cachet on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
SL-39. WX109, F, New York/Bronx Cent.Sta., NY, 1942, VG Int'l (tied; 0 SE) on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
SL-40. WX109 horiz.pair; F-A, Bethlehem, CT, 1942 (Dec 25), VG 4-bar (1 tied; 1 SE) "Health For Victory" & large seal design cachet on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
SL-41. WX109 vert.pair; F, Christmas, FL, 1942 (Dec 25), VF 4-bar (tied; 1 SE each) "Health For Victory" & large seal design cachet on cvr w/PM's signature. E $15 MIN.8
SL-42. WX109 block/4; F, Santa Claus, IN, 1942 (Dec 25), G+ 4-bar (2 tied; 0 SE) "Health For Victory" & large seal design cachet on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
SL-43. WX112, F, West New York, NJ, 1943, G+ Univ. (tied; 0 SE) TB symbol & bells cachet w/1 unused seal on ea.bell; on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
SL-44. WX113, F, Christmas, FL, 1943 (Dec 25), VG 4-bar (tied; 1 SE) "Buy Seals Buy Bonds" & large seal design cachet on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
SL-45. WX119, F, Minneapolis, MN, 1944, G+ Univ. (tied; 0 SE) on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
SL-46. WX119 strip/3, F (1 torn), Chicago Heights, IL, 1944, G Univ. (2 tied; 0 SE) patriotic illus.at L on commer.cvr (lite tone). E $15 MIN.8
SL-47. WX124, F, South Norwalk, CT, 1945 (Nov 19), G+ Univ (tied; 0 SE) on 1st Day cvr (trim R). E $20
SL-48. WX124 pair +progressive color proof pair (red & gray only); F, Richmond, VA, 1945 (Nov 19), VG Univ (tied; 0 SE) 2.5x3" pictorial Xmas Seal ad label at L on 1st Day cvr. E $50
SL-49. WX124 pair; F, Richmond, VA, 1945 (Nov 19), VG Univ (tied; 0 SE) "Thanks for Health" overall illus. on 1st Day cvr. E $30
SL-50. WX124, F, Bethlehem, CT, 1945 (Dec 25), VG 4-bar (tied; 0 SE) "Thanks for Health" overall illus. on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
SL-51. WX124, F, Santa Claus, IN, 1945 (Dec 25), G+ Int'l (tied; 0 SE) "Thanks for Health" overall illus. on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
SL-52. WX124 block/6, F, Portland, OR, 1945 (Dec 25), G+ Univ. (1 tied; 0 SE) 1 more tied on back; on cvr w/WX22a 1918 seal (tied; 2 SE) used late. E $20
SL-53. WX124/var: imperf block/4; F, Santa Claus, IN, 1945 (Dec 25), VG Int'l (2 tied) "Victory Year/Buy Seals" & large seal design cachet on cvr. E $30
SL-54. WX125, F, Springfield, IL, 1945 (Dec 25), VG duplex & partial Univ. (tied) Masonic Temple cc on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
SL-55. WX125 pair, F, Staunton, IL, 1945, G+ Int'l (tied; 0 SE) on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
SL-56. WX130 pair, F, Santa Claus, IN, 1946 (Nov 25), G+ 4-bar (1 tied; 0 SE) "Peace-Health/Buy Seals" & large seal design cachet on cvr. E $20
SL-57. WX130 block/6, F (B perfs nibbed), Richmond, VA, 1946 (Nov 25), G 4-bar (tied; 0 SE) 2.25x3" pictorial Xmas Seal ad label at L on unadd.1st day cvr. E $24
SL-58. WX130/Bissell se-tenant pair; F, Hackensack, NJ, 1946, F Int'l (tied; 0 SE) on cvr. E $20
SL-59. WX130/var (imperf), F, South Norwalk, CT, 1946 (Nov 25), G+ duplex (tied) on 1st day cvr. E $30
SL-60. WX130/var: imperf pair; F, Milwaukee, WI, 1946, G+ Univ. (tied) on cvr. E $24
SL-61. WX131, F, Bloomington, IN, 1946, G+ Univ. (tied; 0 SE) on GPC w/poem & large illus.seal design on back. E $12 MIN.6
SL-62. WX131, F, Grand Rapids, MI, 1946, F Univ. (tied; 0 SE) "Thanks for Health" header; illus.skaters on air cvr. E $12 MIN.6
SL-63. WX131, F, Bethlehem, CT, 1946 (Dec 25), F 4-bar (tied; 0 SE) "Peace-Health/Buy Seals" & large seal design cachet on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
SL-64. WX131 strip/3, F, Christmas, FL, 1946 (Dec 25), F 4-bar (1 tied; 0 SE) PM's signature on cacheted cvr. E $15 MIN.8
SL-65. WX131 block/4, F, Springfield, IL, 1946 (Dec 25), G+ duplex & Univ. (tied; 0 SE) on cvr w/single tied to back. E $12 MIN.6
SL-66. WX135/var: imperf block/4, F, Burlington, NJ, 1947, G Int'l (tied) on cvr. E $24 MIN.12
SL-67. WX140/var: imperf block/4, F, Burlington, NJ, 1948 (Nov 22), G Int'l (tied) on 1st day cvr. E $40
SL-68. WX155 block/4, F (2 w/crs), Los Angeles, CA, 1951 (Nov 12), G+ Univ. (1 tied; 2 w/1 SE) EKU(?) on cr cvr. E $40
SL-69. WX159/var imperf pair; F, Milwaukee, WI, 1952, G Univ. (tied) on cvr. E $20
SL-70. WX164 imperf pair; F, Burlington, NJ, 1953, partial Int'l (tied) on cvr. E $20
SL-71. WX169 block/4; F, Santa Claus, IN, 1954 (Nov 22), G+ 4-bar (1 tied; 0 SE) on cacheted unadd.1st day cvr. E $15 MIN.8
SL-72. WX173 x2 diff.; F, Santa Claus, IN, 1955 (Nov 16), G+ 4-bar (tied; 0 SE) on cacheted 1st day cvr. E $15 MIN.8
SL-73. WX179 pair; F, Santa Claus, IN, 1956 (Nov 14), G+ 4-bar (1 tied; 0 SE) on cacheted unadd.1st day cvr. E $15 MIN.8
SL-74. WX180 block/4; F, Santa Claus, IN, 1956 (Nov 14), G+ 4-bar (2 tied; 0 SE) on cacheted unadd.1st day cvr. E $15 MIN.8
SL-75. WX192 pair; F, Santa Claus, IN, 1958 (Nov 14), G+ 4-bar (1 tied; 0 SE) on bit cr 1st day cvr. E $15 MIN.8
SL-76. WX220, F, Palo Alto, CA, 1964, G+ machine (tied to back by "Returned to Writer" h/s; 1 SE) on 3.75x4.75" cvr w/enc. E $12 MIN.6
SL-77. WX221, F (1 nib perf), New York, NY, 1964, G machine (tied; 0 SE) on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
SL-78. WX223 pair, F, Cherry, IL, 1965, G+ 4-bar (tied; 0 SE) on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
SL-79. WX250a ("4" design), F, USPS, ID, 1973, G+ machine (tied; 0 SE) on commer.GPC. E $12 MIN.6
SL-80. WX259 (Nevada), F, Newtonville, MA, 1978, G+ machine (tied; 1 SE) on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
SL-81. Green ty.81-2, F; ILLEGALLY used as postage; Lodi, CA, 1981, VG machine (tied; 0 SE) on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
SL-82. Green ty.84-1 (ornament), F, Mojave, CA, 1984, G+ machine (tied; 0 SE) on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
SL-83. Local 242 (Butler Co.Anti-TB Ass'n), F, (Indistinct origin), [1923], partial duplex (not tied, but appears to belong; 1 SE) on PPC. E $20
SL-84. Local 255 (Calif.Ass'n: LA), F, Los Angeles, CA, 1909, VG Int'l (not tied, but apparently belongs; 1 SE) on cvr (edge tear T) w/enc. E $24
SL-85. Local 255.3 (Calif.Ass'n: Los Angeles); F (piece out of R margin), Los Angeles, CA, 1909, G+ Int'l (not tied, but apparently belongs; 1 SE) on PPC. E $20
SL-86. Local 608 (Fed'n of Missouri Women's Clubs), F, Kansas City, MO, 1909, G Int'l (not tied, but apparently belongs; 1 SE) on PPC. E $20
SL-87. Local 627 (Fond du Lac ATA), F-A, Ripon, WI, 1917, VG Amer/A14 (not tied, but appears to belong; 1 SE) on PPC. Catalog shows "1921-5" but known as early as '15. E $20
SL-88. Local 1011 (Evan.Luth.Sanitarium), F, St.Louis, MO, 1910, VG Int'l (not tied, but apparently belongs; 2 SE) on PPC. E $100
SL-89. Local 1012 (Evan.Luth.Sanitarium), F, Milwaukee, WI, 1911, VG Int'l (not tied, but apparently belongs; 3 SE) on PPC. E $20
SL-90. Local 1022 (Luth.Sanitarium), F, Lowden, IA, 1922, G duplex (tied; 2 SE) on PPC. E $20 MIN.10
SL-91. Local 1038 pair (Luth.Sanitarium), F, Eau Claire, WI, 1938, F duplex (1 tied; 3 SE) on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
SL-92. Local 1040 block/4 (Luth.Sanitarium), F, Chicago/Stock Yds.Sta., IL, 1940, G+ Univ. (2 tied; 0 SE) on cvr (bit trim R). E $15 MIN.8
SL-93. Local 1040 (Luth.Sanitarium)/Local 683 (Grace Luth.Sanatorium), F, Cape Girardeau, MO, 1940, G+ Univ. (both tied; 2 SE's each) on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
SL-94. Local 1040 (Luth.Sanitarium), F, Wheat Ridge, CO, 1940 (Dec 25), G+ machine (tied; 3 SE) Sanitarium photo illus.ad on cvr (tear R). E $15 MIN.8
SL-95. Local 1046 strip/3 (Luth.Sanitarium), F, Omaha, NE, 1946, VG Univ. (2 tied; 0 SE) on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
SL-96. Local 1046(Luth.Sanitarium)/INDIA #7, F, South Norwalk, CT, 1946, G Univ. (both tied; 0 SE) local & foreign seals on cvr. E $20
SL-97. Local 1092 (Milwaukee Anti-TB League), F-A, Milwaukee, WI, 1920, VG Univ. (not tied, but apparently belongs; 1 SE) on PPC. E $20
SL-98. Local 1461 (Norfolk Anti-TB League) block/4, F, Mason, MI, 1933, VF Int'l (2 tied to back w/offset machine killers; 0 SE) on lite tone cvr. E $150
SL-99. Cuba 8, F, Havana, Cuba, 1948, G+ Int'l (tied; imperf) Cuba Consejo Nacional de Tuberculosis cc on 1st day cvr (trim R). E $15 MIN.8
SL-100. Denmark 29, F, Ronne, Denmark, 1932, G+ CDS (tied; 0 SE) on PPC (tip crs; edge tear T) to U.S. E $12 MIN.6
SL-101. Denmark 41, F, Roskilde, Denmark, 1944, G+ slogan machine (tied; 0 SE) on toned PPC. E $12 MIN.6
SL-102. Denmark 48 block/4, F, Vojens, Denmark, 1951, VG DCDS (tied) on cvr to U.S. E $15 MIN.8
SL-103. Denmark 56 imperf pair; F, Hellerup, Denmark, 1957, G+ DCDS (tied) on cvr to U.S. E $15
SL-104. France 7, F, Paris, France, 1930 (Jan 8), F machine (lightly tied to back by offset ink; 0 SE) '29 seal, used bit late on cvr to Switzerland. E $15
SL-105. Great Britain 13, F, London, Great Britain, 1944, G+ machine (tied; 0 SE) on cvr to U.S. E $12 MIN.6
SL-106. Great Britain 14, F, Mill Hill, Great Britain, 1945, VG slogan machine (tied; 1 SE) on cvr (trim R) w/enc.to U.S. E $12 MIN.6
SL-107. Great Britain 16, F, Maidstone, Great Britain, 1947, G+ slogan machine (tied; 0 SE) royal wedding cachet on cvr to U.S. E $12 MIN.6
SL-108. Great Britain 19, F, Maidstone, Great Britain, 1950, G slogan machine (tied; 1 SE) on 5x7" cvr to U.S. E $12 MIN.6
SL-109. Boys Town, NE, 1950, F Univ.; Boys Town Seals illus.ad on back of UX27 GPC. E $14
SL-110. 1951 VFW/Nat'l Home/Eaton Rapids, Mich. (children, wreath, tree), F, Chicago, IL, 1951, partial Univ. (tied; 1 SE) on cvr. E $15
SL-111. 1965 Easter Seals, F, Pacific Grove, CA, 1965, G machine (tied to back by Sao Paulo, Brazil, G+ machine as recd; 0 SE) used late on air cvr (cr). E $15
SL-112. 20th Anniv.of the Nat'l Resistance in Yugoslavia/1941-1961/Year of Ravna Gora (commem.sized w/Gen'l Drazamihailovic portrait), F, Hartford, CT, 1962, G Univ. (tied; 0 SE) on #10 cvr (bit cr; slit 3 sides). Bit late use but SCARCE. E $30
SL-113. A Merry Christmas (bells; 18 mm round), Brazilton, KS, 1920, G 4-bar (tied; die-cut) on PPC (names scribbled thru). E $14
SL-114. Alfred E.Neuman 4 President (Neuman), F, Ft.Lauderdale, FL, 1964, machine Univ. (tied; 0 SE) w/Mad magazine Plastic Surgery "commem" below (not tied) on PPC. E $24 MIN.12
SL-115. America/Land of the Free (Statue of Liberty), F, Houma, LA, 1943, F Int'l (tied; 1 SE) on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
SL-116. American Assn.of Retired Persons (29x26mm country scene), F; used illegally as postage; San Diego, CA, 1984, F machine (tied; 1 SE) on 3.75x7.25" window cvr. E $14
SL-117. American Legion Memorial Hospital (perfed photo label), F, Hammond, IN, 1941, partial Univ. (tied; 0 SE) on PPC. E $20
SL-118. American Legion/maintain support/encourage rehabilitation/1955, F, Laredo, TX, 1955, G+ Int'l (tied; 0 SE) on PPC. E $20
SL-119. Baptist Home & Hospital/Maywood, Illinois (silhouette), F-A, Sheboygan, WI, 1952, F Univ. (tied; 0 SE) on cvr (trim R). E $20
SL-120. Boys Town 1951, F, Boston, MA, 1961, G Int'l (tied; 1 SE) w/Sweden #52.1 tied at L on PPC. E $20
SL-121. Boys Town 1971, F, USPS, NY, 1971, G machine (tied; 1 SE) on air cvr to Germany. E $20
SL-122. Centenario Della Reazione Nera (39x52mm portrait & art), F; used illegally as postage; San Diego, CA, 1983, VG machine (tied; 0 SE) on 3.5x7.25" window cvr. E $14
SL-123. China... Looks to Us!/United China Relief (boy), F, Chicago/Lincoln Park Sta., IL, 1941, G+ Univ. (tied; 0 SE) on cvr. E $20
SL-124. Chiropractic for Health (logo & lamp), F-A, San Antonio, TX, 1949, VF duplex (not tied; 1 SE) on air cvr. E $12 MIN.6
SL-125. Christmas Greetings (28x29mm flag & holly), F, Los Angeles, CA, 1918, G+ Int'l (tied by socked-on-nose; 1 SE) on PPC. E $20
SL-126. Council Against Intolerance (commem.sized Stephen S.Wise portrait & quote), F, Chicago, IL, 1949, G+ Univ. (tied; 0 SE) on 15c Sc.C43 1st day cvr. E $20
SL-127. Crippled Children (Easter Seal: child silhouette & horse), F, Miami, FL, 1941, G+ Int'l (tied; 0 SE) on PPC. E $14
SL-128. Crippled Children (girl & bird), F, St.Paul, MN, 1948, VF Univ. (tied; 0 SE) on cvr. E $15
SL-129. Don't Tread on Me (x2; coiled snake), F, New York, NY, 1987, F machine (tied; imperf) on commer.cvr. E $15
SL-130. Easter Seals/1956, F-A, Mobile, AL, 1956, G+ Univ. (tied; 0 SE) on PPC. E $14
SL-131. Fight Fire (2 firemen & shield), F, Spring Valley, NY, 1970, F machine (tied; 0 SE) on cvr (upper R tip ruff). E $12 MIN.6
SL-132. For Crippled Children pair (boy in wheelchair), F (1 w/tip nib), Hartford, CT, 1942, G Univ. (tied; 0 SE) on cvr. E $14
SL-133. For Crippled Children/1939, F, Chicago Stock Yds Sta., IL, 1939, G Univ. (tied; 1 SE) on cvr. E $14
SL-134. For Crippled Children/1940, F, San Francisco, CA, 1940, G+ Int'l (tied; 1 SE) Commuters Food Market h/s cc on cvr. E $16
SL-135. For God & Country/Fight Communism (praying hands/flag), F-A, Flushing, NY, 1967, G+ machine (tied; 0 SE) Vietnam War era; commem-sized label on #10 PSE. E $24 MIN.12
SL-136. Freedom for the Baltic States (Soviet spider on Estonia/Latvia/Lithuania maps), F (bit lite tone), Bradford, Great Britain, 1976, G+ machine (tied; 0 SE) on 3.75x8" air cvr to U.S. E $20
SL-137. Freedom/Bicentennial USA (33x48mm eagle & star), F; used illegally as postage; Inglewood, CA, 1976, VG machine (tied; imperf) on #10 cvr. E $12 MIN.6
SL-138. Give Thanks for Your Sight/Thanksgiving/Foundation for the Junior Blind (42x25mm; silhouettes & eyes), F; used illegally as postage; San Diego, CA, 1985, G+ machine (tied; 1 SE) on 3.5x7.25" window cvr. E $15
SL-139. Good Literature for th Blind/Merry Christmas (book & candle), F, LaFayette, IN, 1924, VF Int'l (tied; 2 SE) on lite tone PPC. E $24
SL-140. Help Crippled Children, F, Montreal, Canada, [1951], G machine (tied; 1 SE) on aerogramme to Holland. E $15
SL-141. Help Crippled Children/Easter Seals/1959, F-A, Washington, DC, 1959, partial Univ. (tied; 0 SE) on PPC. E $14
SL-142. Help Restore Our Wildlife (poster stamp: ducks in flight), F, Clarion, IA, 1938, G+ Int'l (tied; 0 SE) Stark's Stype Shoppe cc on commer.cvr. E $15
SL-143. Help Restore Our Wildlife (poster stamp: geese), F, San Antonio, TX, 1938, G+ Int'l (tied; 0 SE) Plaza Hotels illus.ad on commer.cvr. E $15
SL-144. Help the Veterans/Oklahoma American Legion (28x40mm eagle), F; used illegally as postage, w/2c; San Diego, CA, 1981, F machine (tied; 0 SE) on 3.5x7.25" window cvr. E $14
SL-145. Help the Widows & Orphans of Fraternity Men Without Exposure...Modern Fraternal Union (handshake), F-A (T edge ruff), Peoria, IL, 1915, F Colum. (not tied, but apparently belongs; 1 SE) on lite tone PPC. E $24
SL-146. Holy Childhood/Merry Christmas, F, Minneapolis, MN, 1946, G+ Univ.; w/national seal (both tied; 0 SE) on cvr (trim L). E $14
SL-147. Internationella barnaret (Int'l Year of the Child), F, Granna/Andree Museet, Sweden, 1979, VF pictorial CDS (tied; 1 SE) on PPC. E $15
SL-148. Light the Candle of Understanding/Epilepsy Foundation of American (candle), F (bit cr), Bronx, NY, 1986, G machine (tied; 0 SE) on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
SL-149. Lincoln/Immortal American (poster stamp: Lincoln on speaker's stand), F, Oakland, CA, 1940 (Feb 12), F Univ. (tied; 0 SE) on cvr. E $15
SL-150. Lutheran Hospital/Brooklyn 1945 New York (globe), F, Allenhurst, NJ, 1945, F Univ. as transit b/s (tied to back; 1 SE) on cvr w/Chicago origin. E $15
SL-151. Mammoth Cave (44x59mm poster stamp: lantern), F, Washington, DC, 1950, F Int'l (tied; imperf) on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
SL-152. Merry Christmas (holly), F, Fishkill on the Hudson, NY, 1909, G duplex (tied; 2 SE) on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
SL-153. Merry Christmas (54x47mm diamond-shaped horse-drawn coach), F-A, Okarche, OK, ca.1940s, G+ mute box (tied; 0 SE) on PPC. E $14
SL-154. Merry Christmas/Happy New Year (Jesus & candlesticks), A, Lancaster, PA, 1921, G+ Univ. (tied; 0 SE) on PPC. E $14
SL-155. Missionary Ass'n Cath.Women/Hda.Milwaukee, Wis. (Jesus), F, Wabash, IN, 1921, G Univ. (tied; 0 SE) on bit lite tone PPC. E $24
SL-156. Nat'l Wildlife Fed'n/Common Bobwhite (29x35mm), F; used illegally as postage; San Diego, CA, 1984, G+ machine (tied; 1 SE) on 3.5x7.25" window cvr. E $14
SL-157. Nat'l Wildlife Fed'n/White-Tailed Deer (29x35mm), F (short perfs B); used illegally as postage; San Diego, CA, 1984, F machine (tied; 1 SE) on 3.5x7.25" window cvr. E $14
SL-158. Nat'l Wildlife Federation/Flame Azalea (53x74mm poster stamp), F (pen line across crnr), Ft.Myers, FL, 1984, G+ machine (tied to back by routing h/s; 0 SE) on air cvr to Germany. E $14
SL-159. National Philatelic Exhibition/APS Convention (40x56mm blue poster stamp), F, Minneapolis/Philatelic Exhibition Sta., MN, 1929, VF 4-bar (tied; 0 SE) on cvr. E $20
SL-160. Old Glory (33x44mm flag), F, New Bedford, MA, 1941, VG Univ. (tied; 0 SE) on PC. E $12 MIN.6
SL-161. One Nation Under God (35x23mm flag label), F; used illegally as postage; San Diego, CA, 1979, VG machine (tied; imperf) on 3.75x7.25" cvr (slit 3 sides). E $14
SL-162. Opportunity Home For Crippled Children (girl), F, Toledo, OH, 1946, F Univ. (tied; 0 SE) on PPC. E $20
SL-163. Osteopathic Student Loan Fund/Season's Greetings/1941 pair, F, Winfield, KS, 1941, G Univ. (tied; 0 SE) on cvr. E $20
SL-164. Osteopathic Student Loan Fund/Season's Greetings/1944 pair, F, Winfield, KS, 1944, G Univ. (tied; 0 SE) on cvr. E $20
SL-165. Pennsylvania Council/Republican Women (32mm irreg.diam.; shiny silver, w/elephant), F, Reading, PA, 1953, VG Univ. (tied to back w/offset ink; die-cut) on cvr. E $16
SL-166. Prevent Forest Fires! (35x41mm owl; small Smoky Bear), F, Tacoma, WA, 1964, G+ machine (tied; 0 SE) on PPC. E $14
SL-167. Riks Luftskydds Forbundet (10 ore; man w/shield & planes), F, Katrineholm, Sweden, 1946, G+ repeater (tied; 0 SE) on cvr. E $15
SL-168. Santa Claus Post: Hixon # 1, A, Bloomington, IL, 1908, G+ Amer/B14() (tied; 1 SE) on PPC. E $16
SL-169. Santa Claus Post: Hixon # 4 (Santa in oval), F (T edge ruff; 2 SE), applied at upper on unmailed PPC. E $12 MIN.6
SL-170. Santa Claus Post: Hixon # 6 (Santa in oval), F, Brattleboro, VT, 1909, F Amer/B14 (tied; 0 SE) on PPC. E $15 MIN.8
SL-171. Santa Claus Post: Hixon #16.2/17.2/20.2/21.2: se-tenant block/4 w/roulette perfs; F-A (3 SE; 21.2 lower R tip nib); applied in message area, partly covering message, on unmailed PPC. E $50
SL-172. Santa Claus Post: Hixon #18.2 (poinsettia), F (upper R edge wear; 2 SE), applied at upper on unmailed PPC. E $12 MIN.6
SL-173. Santa Claus Post: Hixon #22 (holly wreath), F (bit lite tone), Swanton, CA, 1911, partial 4-bar (not tied, but apparently belongs; 1 SE) on PPC w/stamp gone. AS IS for that. E $15 MIN.8
SL-174. Santa head (20mm diam.), F, Bennington, VT, 1909, G Amer/B14(1) (tied; die-cut) on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
SL-175. Save a Heart/1951/Indiana Heart Foundation (heart), F, LaPorte, IN, 1951, VG Int'l (tied; 2 SE) on PPC. E $20
SL-176. Save the Seals/Greenpeace (seal silhouette), F (crs), Staten Island, NY, 1982, G machine (tied; 2 SE) on "Stop the Slaughter" PPC to Canada. E $14
SL-177. Support Our Fighting Men in Viet Nam/Disabled American Veterans (x2), F, Houston, TX, 1966, G machine (tied; 0 SE) on cvr. E $20
SL-178. Support the Amvets "Remember" Campaign for aid to War Orphans (soldier w/child's photo: "Bob"), F, Shafter, CA, 1953, G Int'l (tied; 0 SE) on cvr. E $15
SL-179. Thank God I Am An American/Amer.Legion, Dept.of Michigan (50x50mm torch), F, Chicago, IL, 1941, VG Univ. (tied; imperf) on PSE. E $15
SL-180. The Holy Childhood Ass'n/Merry Christmas (Jesus), A, Rochester, NY, 1917, G+ Int'l (tied; 0 SE) on PPC (tip cr). E $15
SL-181. The Post Card Union (globe), F, Massillon, OH, 1908, G+ Amer/B14 (tied; 0 SE) on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
SL-182. The Round-Up/Pendleton/Oregon/Sept.14, 15, 16/Let'er Buck (38mm diam.cowboy on bucking horse), F, Pendleton, OR, 1911, G Amer/A14 (tied; imperf) pre-event use on lite tone PPC. E $60
SL-183. The White Cross/Save Youth From Dope (white cross on blue), F-A, San Francisco, CA, 1933, VF Int'l ("tied" by offset ink specks; 0 SE) on back of cvr (ruff L, in cc; tear T). E $20
SL-184. The White Cross/Save Youth From Dope (white cross on blue), A, San Francisco, CA, 1933, G duplex (not tied, but known to belong; 0 SE) on back of cvr (part lite tone; flap tear). E $20
SL-185. Turkey (Hallmark Cards label), F, Pensacola, FL, 1981, F machine (tied; die-cut) on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
SL-186. Union des Aveugles de Guerre (10f War Blind Union pictorial label), F-A, Lyon-Gare, France, 1953, VG pictorial slogan repeater (not tied, but likely belongs; 0 SE) on back of cvr. E $15
SL-187. V/Keep the Light of Liberty Burning/Victory (x5), F (1 w/tear), Quincy, MA, 1945, G+ Int'l (3 tied; 0 SE) on lite tone cvr. E $14
SL-188. Visit in May/Lilac Time/Rochester, F, Rochester, NY, 1955, VG Univ. (tied; 2 SE) applied upside-down on PPC. E $15
SL-189. Xmas/1944/NAACP (black soldier In helmet; 2 bells), F-A, Far Rockaway, NY, 1944, G+ Int'l (tied; 1 SE) on cvr (trim R). E $50

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